Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nightly Megathread #162

Hey look, I'm actually doing my job for once. Your favorite Twi obsessed blogger is here with a Nightly. Bla bla bla Nighyly bla bla bla after the break.

Lauren Faust Needs Your Help

(Relevant because animals. Also Fluttershy.)

It's not pony-related, but when Lauren Faust speaks, bronies listen. And now she wants our help with the Wildlife Learning Center. WLC is a non-profit group that cares for wild animals and uses them to help teach about conservation. Being non-profit, they rely on donations to keep operating. They're currently running an IndieGogo campaign to help raise the money, with various perks for each donation level. Find the donation page here and Lauren's dA journal here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #194

This actually reminds me of Mass Effect. That guy in his empty room who stares at the glowing planet all the time.

Have some art.

New Under the Sparkling Sea Preview Pages

The Round Stable got some high-res preview pictures of that upcoming "Under the Sparkling Sea" book. Yes, the one with the... interestingly designed... sea ponies.
The ones which appeared a while ago are there as well as some new ones.
Apparently all of them were included on those Mimoco flash drives from a while ago. You probably saw them elsewhere.
Anyway, there are three new pictures. And... they actually look quite amazing...

Find the new pictures after the break and also make sure to hit The Round Stable's article.

A variety of stuff

Mike is rather busy at the moment. So I'll post a couple of Sweetie Bot's random findings this time. There's something awesome, some butthurt, articles, reviews... Yeah, you get it.
Also, there's a new video from the guy who put a pony into an Unreal Engine testing environment.

Find all the things after the break.

New GalaCon Promo!

Yet more animations from JanAnimations! And this one's also an ad for Galacon. For me and many of you guys, it's just another awesome event to dream of. ...Lucky European folks...