Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nightly Megathread #23

Alright, then.  Everyone awake now?  Good.  Heaven knows you wouldn't want to be a stiff like me and sleep through what we have waiting just past the break...

Comic Post #18: Tank Beats Everything / Tug / Don't make Derpii wait / Kingerdarten Days 14 / A rainbow roommate

A monocle. How intriguing.
Evil Monocle Sparkle by ~MrFulp

Could anyone here actually imagine Twilight becoming evil? Well, I could in a heartbeat. I mean, she basically goes crazy in all her episodes at this point. It's pretty much inevitable. I quintuplet of comics after the break.

Music: The End of Harmony. / Rarity: Beauty / Sweet Apple Blues (Cover)

Am I required to write something here every time... music |head below the brake and stuff|

Trig Rant #5 The Apple's Curse

Applejack is epic here. Read this fic.
CRISIS: Applejack by *StarlightSpark
Few characters in Friendship is Magic have been as underwhelming as Applejack on an individual basis. From Applebuck Season to The last Roundup, AJ has become more and more obsolete as a "mane" character.

Fortunately, I'm here to offer some advice on how to tackle her story in addition to my criticism  From the direction I think the writers will take to my personal envisionment of her star episode, I'm here to talk everything Applejack. 

Head past the break to read about everyone's favorite orange pony. Unless your name is Radio. Then you probably worship an orange filly that hasn't even gotten an episode. Maybe I should touch on her soon *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Oh yeah... Applejack. Let's begin!

Music: Dark-Sided Stuff/ Scoot Needs a Home/ The Living Tombstone Live @ BroNYCon - MLV's Visual Mix/ Twilight Sparkle

Did the Royal Guards get an upgrade or something?

1. Dark-Sided Stuff
2. Scoot Needs a Home
3. The Living Tombstone Live @ BroNYCon - MLV's Visual Mix
4. Twilight Sparkle

PMV: Baby You've Changed / Everypony's Bangin' / Pony Kanon / Come Little Fillies

Hopefully by this point, you know the drill.  So, go on.  Click on the break.  You have plenty of beautiful PMV's waiting for you.

1.)[PMV] Baby You've Changed

2.)Everypony's Baingin' [PMV]

3.)Pony Kanon[PMV]

4.)Come Little Fillies

HD Bot wallpaper compilation

This is our first wallpaper post, but I love it! It's the mane 6 as bots/droids and, of course, Sweetie Bot. All were made by ShadesofEverfree. Enjoy!

Derpy's Perfect Math Class

   Up next is an awesome animation with Derpy singing, being a teacher, and other nonsense.                               
   The animation is a parody of This Watch it after the break!

Mashup: Everyslammer's Gay For Barkleyburn/ Gypsy Polkka

(Do the Mario!)
Swing your arms from side to side, c'mon it's time to go!
(Do the Mario!)
Take one step, and back again... Just like that... Haha.

3 mashups... 2 videos... 1 obscure song lyric snippet from FPLOON... I love these three mashups for two completely different reasons... Find out why after this one break... (or not if that's your forte...)

1. Everyslammer's Gay For Barkleyburn (Quad City DJs vs. SimGretina)
2. Sherclop Pones vs. Hatsune Miku - Gypsy Polkka [Two mashups in one video]

Archie - Leto (Aviators Remix)

    Slow day today, so have an Aviator Remix to listen to in the mean time. Go and listen to it after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #14

Source #1

Pinkie is best Navi and Applejack is best silent protagonist. Anyways, have some art after the break.

Music : Celestia's Dusk / Lost On The Moon / Twilight´s Library / Noooooo!! / Descent

Just like Twilight is getting soaked in the rain, so am I. Considering on how close it is till Winter and where I live, I'm surprised it's raining. Anyways, have some music after the break.

1.) [Harp] Celestia's Dusk
2.) Lost On The Moon {Cover by EileMonty} (Song starts at :53)
3.) PonyCraft Tainted Skies - Twilight´s Library
4.) Radix-Noooooo!!
5.) Doofcake - Descent

SPOILER! Episode 3 of Season 3 Title and Synopsis! Too Many Pinkie Pies SPOILER!

On the TV channel website Zapit, the title and synopsis 3rd episode of MLP:FIM have been given. The episode will air November 17th. Be warned! Spoilers! The episode title and synopsis can be found here.