Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweetie Bot's Dream

                                                                     Goodnight everyone!

Nightly Megathread #8

Nightly Megathread #8

Um, this is my first Nightly Megathread thing. Kinda jumped out at me at the last minute. All Nightly Megathreads done by me will include Luna. That's just the way things should be. So with no further to do, lets start up this thing. 

Page break and I are good friends, so he has no problem letting me pass.

Ganon and Fluttershy: Your Face (Ponified)

Yeah... This is a Lady Gaga parody... "sung" by both Ganon and Fluttershy... Well, okay then... Have at it after the break...


Have a brand new YTPMV! People that make these are getting rare, going the way of the dodo bird. Just makes me appreciate them even more!

Femail Acticle on Pony Con

An article over at Dailymail's Femail section talks about the Pony Con convention in Nottingham, males also liking ponies, and even gives a brief history on the My Little Pony franchise. Check it out here.

My Little Game Jam: Voting Begins NOW!

The My Little Game Jam competition has just ended and now it's time to vote for your favorites. Based on some of these entries, I see some pretty good contenders on this list. So what are you waiting for? Vote now!

Music: Free At Last/ Toxic Blood/ Final Stage

Radix is on a role today, releasing three more tracks from his album "Bronies in a Blender". Check them out after the break...

1. Free At Last
2. Toxic Blood
3. Final Stage

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #2

Looks like Twi found EQM... To celebrate, I have some art for you guys. Head on over after the break. The link is under each picture.

Intrumental Music: Pinkamena's Return / Evening Star - Orchids / Luna Lament

1. Scary-and-sour Remix Pinkamena's Return by FlutterRex
2. Luna Lament
3. Evening Star - Orchids

Fighting is Magic

Hello viewers I'm back from the grave, and it was a crazy day yesterday, perhaps I'll tell you my end of the story some time, but for now enjoy these videos I brought back with me... Kicking it off is everyone's favorite party pony (ok almost everyone's) the element of laughter herself ready to giggle at the ghostly...  Pinkie Pie |more after the break|

The Starry Night Sky

Oh and have some Fluttershy being cute after the break.

Music : Tangled / Beyond her Garden (instrumental cover) / Mind of Foal / When Shes a Rainboom / Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading With Vocals

Got a ton of music in this post.  Got a Beyond her garden, Fallout Equestria, and a Discord instrumental, a CMC vocal, and some weird thing with Rainbow Dash. Enjoy!

1.) Tangled
2.) GatoPaint - Beyond Her Garden ( Instrumental Cover )
3.) Fallout Equestria: Mind of a Foal
4.) When shes a Rainboom
5.) deadmare5- Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading With Vocals (Cover ft. Flutarity, 100 sub special)

Fanfic: Swatteam and the Potato

[Romance][Tragedy][Comedy][Random][Alternate Universe]

By: _Rainbow_Swag_

"Alright I'm just gonna say it. Just because some characters are inside a heart doesn't mean it's a love thing or anything.


*walks into a heart and holds a potato in my hand* Now look I am inside a heart with a potato... do I have feelings for this potato? No... no not really. Demonstration over. "

^This is a quote from the sort-of-famous Swatteam1013 about his opinion on true love. What happens next is something none of EQD could have ever expected...

Comic Post #3: TA - Forbidden Friendship / Simply Pinkie / Catch Me if You Can

Someone please explain!?!?
Faster! Faster! by Veggie55

Have some art from Veggie! It's not a comic, but still good to see he's alive. Though I really hope Lyra isn't getting too hurt. I mean, she just learned to talk at the end of season two. Anyway, have some wonderfully artsy comics after da break.

S3 Spoiler?

Music : Call of the Swarm / World Apart / Toxic Blood / Dysfunctional

Today we have some instrumentals, vocals, the works! Go and watch em after the break!

1.) Call of the Swarm [Original composition by NomNom]
2.) Aftermath - Worlds Apart
3.) Radix-Toxic Blood
4.) DasDeer - Dysfunctional

Comic Post #2: Bravo vs. Canterlot 1 / Time Travel Makes Fools of Us / Eagle Eye 02 / Errands

How I feel right now... and always.
Good Morning Applejack! by Frankier77

Comic edition number two! A long and winding road lies ahead of us, so let's get this started right. I assure you, it was merely a coincidence that best pony Twilight appeared in three out of the four comics below... purely coincidence. Nothing suspicious here. Check all four of them out after the break.

AMV / Smile Song - Tombstone Mix [Typography Animation]

Today we have a really awesome AMV of the Living Tombstones remix of the Smile Song. It's typography animated, so I'm assuming animated with words. I'm to lazy to look up the word, but the AMV is great nonetheless!

SFM: Vinyl Watches you Sleep/ Beep/ Evil Derpy

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING EQM! Did you guys sleep well? Weather the answer is a 'yes' or a 'no', somepony knows if you did. Come see who I'm talking about after the break.

Instrumental Music: Rainbow Swag - DJ Luna / Synthy Shy Swag

I've got alot of slick beats for you today! Click past the break to have an epic explosion!

1. Rainbow Swag - DJ Luna
2. SYNTHY SHY SOLO NO.2 Synthy Shy Swag
3. Pinkie Cannon! - DJ Aly