Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nightly Megathread #8

Nightly Megathread #8

Um, this is my first Nightly Megathread thing. Kinda jumped out at me at the last minute. All Nightly Megathreads done by me will include Luna. That's just the way things should be. So with no further to do, lets start up this thing. 

Page break and I are good friends, so he has no problem letting me pass.

My Little Pony Cake

It's all fun and games until the little umbrellas catch on fire. I honestly don't see how you could type a whole paragraph about cake. I just don't have it in me. Um, it looks tasty? I tried.


SweetieBot shows you ways to have fun!

In SweetieBot Nightly Megathreads, you get to see some of the awesome plans and ideas I have setup for the future. Try them out yourselves if you wanna do it at home.

I always wanted to buy 15 or more small USBs and hide them around town.
Always wanted to mess with people via random USB's
>install a keylogger system
>leave random instructions and a bunch of .exe script
>have something that says like "launch codes" or "executive files"
>label top secret on every few lines
>knowing some guy or girl will get this and not know what it is opening it up
>will look into it, opening the files up somehow and therefore my key logger
>they forget about it and check facebook
>i now have there facebook info
>log onto their facebook via proxies in internet cafe and message their friend
>tell them things like "this is so and so with section 14. Your friend found something important of ours. drop it off at this place at this time"
>person retells the friend and the friend freaks
>they drop off the flashdrive and i pick up in a suit while a friends drives his black suv
>Use a flashing LED attached to old mobile device and make it look like fancy scanner
>they live the rest of their lives thinking they ran into some serious government agency and read things they shouldn't have.

Gilda-Replies Dub (Warning Explicit)

Last, but not least, some awesome dub from the Gilda replies tumblr. Enjoy. And I'm tired.  No haiku for you.