Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nightly Megathread #21

Guess what kiddies? I have an activity planned for you! Go past the break to participate in the wacky fun times and watch some neat vids!!!!!

New Site Name Results...

And the winner is... No, this can't be right. Just fill this in here, subtract some from there... The new winner is Chaotic Communique! |bar graph below the break|

Comic Post #17: PONIES!!! - 15 / A Tail Too Long / Kindergaten days 13

Superior method.
Pumpkins by *Foxy-Noxy

Though, I'm pretty sure any way Pinkie Pie does things is superior to all others. Like flying a kite, or defying physics. Though, sometimes those two things go hand in hand. Getting off topic is fun! Maybe I should just forget about the comics, More ranting on the header image below.

PMV : Colors of the Wind / Captain Applejack / The Parting Pony

This post is for you, DrCob42. All the PMVs are of Applejack, and they are all awesome! Go and watch em after the break!

1.) My Little Disney: Colors of the Wind
2.) PMV - Captain Applejack
3.) [PMV] The Parting Pony

Music : Lost On the Moon / Beyond her Garden / The Rise of the Queen / Turn them to Stone

    Up next is some music. All three are nice, but #1 is intense. Definitely give them a listen after the break!

1.) Lost On The Moon {By Wooden Toaster & The Living Tombstone } ~ EileMonty Cover
2.) Nightmare Lyre - The Rise of The Queen (Original Song)
3.) Beyond Her Garden (Remake by MichauDotCom V.2)
4.)Turn them to Stone

Poll Results #3

Best blog mod poll? Who's idea was this?! Sweetie Bot probably would have won against all the EqD blogponies combined. I suppose the rest of us needed our egos deflated at some point. Swatt actually did okay, so he gets his Eggos deflated. Mmm... miniature waffles...

The next poll is only running tonight, and its purpose will be to further evidence our decision about our future blog name. For the most part I think it has already been decided though. If not, we should have a decision by today.
 Pie chart after the break! [Pinkie Pie approved]

Game: Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster Playground

Today we present to you a cool new game featuring Rainbow Dash. The people at Penta Studios have just released a demo for their upcoming game Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster Playground. The game includes Rainbow Dash, slime monsters, apples, and more! The download for the demo can be found here.

Comic Post #16: Wreck-it Ralph / When in Doubt / Kindergaten Days 12

This is The. Best. Possible. Thing.
Daring to Do Dash by *adcoon

I wonder if the two will ever meet in some way, shape, or form. If they even CAN at that. Please bring Daring Do back! Some comical images after the break.

PMV: Let It Grow/ Animal I've Become/ Spell It Out/ Beat It/ Better Than Revenge (Full Version)/ Ultimate Energy/ Good Time/ Arrival to Earth

Wearing tacky clothing is a war crime.
So is flaking out on these PMVs. Watch them after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #12

source #1

Today's Artsy is gonna be different. Not just the fact that there are no plushies, but something else. I'll let you decide after the break what is could be.

Mega Music Post #7

Hey hey hey, it's Swatteam! And I may or may not have suddenly became Fat Albert. Have more of that music!

1.) Alicornication Redux (500 Subscriber Special)
2.) Colortwelve - Migration
3.) My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Intro (174UDSI Remix)
4.) ViFFeX - Hush Now Quiet Now
5.) The Future Is Now - TickingTimePony
6.) ElectroKaplosion, Legion, and Flutter Bully - Strings of Change (Knights of Equestria Cover)
7.) 20% Cooler - DrummerBot [Drumstep]
8.) Unforgivable (MLP Fan Music)
9.) Octavia Meets Lyra (THIRD ALBUM TRACK)
10.) Radix-Creatures of Midnight
11.) Theraclese/ Johnny313 collab - Morning Flight

PMV : At the Beginning / ☼ℱOOℒ ℒIKE ℳE☼ / Hotel California

How about some PMVs? I personally like #3, moslty because I love Hotel California. Go and watch em' after the break!

1.) [PMV] At The Beginning (HD)
2.) PMV // ☼ℱOOℒ ℒIKE ℳE☼ {ScootaBelle}
3.) PMV Hotel California

AMV/SFM : Louder than Thunder / Derp

Next up, we have a nice little AMV of Luna growing up and then becoming Nightmare Moon. We also have a SFM practice of Derpy being cute. Watch em' after the break!

Music : Fluttershys Lullaby / Powerful Magic / Drowned In Love / Failure, Success Duet

Good morning everyone! Hope you slept well. Have some music to kick start your day! I would be making some coffee right now, but my coffee maker broke yesterday...Anyways, go and watch em' after the break!

1.) Fluttershys Lullaby
2.) Powerful Magic(Original Mix) - Error404
3.) Vinyl Scratch - Drowned In Love [OFFICIAL] [HD]
4.) Failure, Success Duet 200,000 View Special

Find the "hidden" pony reference...