Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nightly Megathread #21

Guess what kiddies? I have an activity planned for you! Go past the break to participate in the wacky fun times and watch some neat vids!!!!!


Today, YOU get to make the cake! Help Applejack fill up the Nightly Megathread with cake.
Go here to get started. Post your finished creations in the comments below. I'll get you started.

So much frosting.

Yeah, there is no cake...

                                                    This started out as angel food cake.


Random Vids

Have a few random vids that didn't really have a place to be posted.


And now for the question. In what order would you rate the powerful magical beings from Equestria, and who do you think is strongest? The graph below gives an idea of how the magical beings stack up against each other. And in all honesty, I think Pinkie Pie should be at the top. My reasoning is this: As we all know, Pinkie Pie is friends with everyone in Ponyville. She has more friends than anyone else in Ponyville, and possibly all of Equestria. We also know friendship is magic. Therefor, Pinkie Pie is the most magical being in all of Equestria. This would explain her powers to break the fourth wall, defy physics, and use her pinkie sense.