Sunday, October 21, 2012

Comic Post #16: Wreck-it Ralph / When in Doubt / Kindergaten Days 12

This is The. Best. Possible. Thing.
Daring to Do Dash by *adcoon

I wonder if the two will ever meet in some way, shape, or form. If they even CAN at that. Please bring Daring Do back! Some comical images after the break.

1. Wreck-it Ralph by =Niban-Destikim

Cartoon characters are more corporate than I thought. Not sure if Disney acquiring Hasbro would make the show better or worse.
2. When In Doubt by *Sunny-Rains

Rarity hugging Spike is really cute... I think.
3. Kindergarten days 12 by ~CIRILIKO

Looks like the Canterlot Wedding couple is jumping into the mix. And Mario characters too? So much Nintendo in this comic post.