Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nightly Megathread #139

That's right... You just sit there, smiling while eating that corn, Celestia... I didn't need your help doing this Nightly Megathread anyway... It's not like you found anything or suggested anything that's after this break...

Anyway, come inside this Nightly Megathread to see what I did without the help of Celestia...

Alicorn Day

This has been a momentous day for Twi! She's gotten wings and all is dandy in the world.

...Or is it? Maybe nothing has changed...

Stuff... Oh, and leaked Equestria Girls.

Ermahgerd, Equestria Girls after the break.

Comics: New Princess in Town/ Twilight Please/ Hearts and Hooves/ Appledress/ Chrslais Candies

˙sɔıɯoɔ ǝɯos pɐǝɹ oƃ

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #170

Beware of excessive usage of your bandwidth. Large preview pics ahead.

My Little Pony: Red Bull Stratos Skydiving

This is awesome on so many levels... Also, what's the music that plays in the beginning? It sounds familiar...

Screencap Madness

While watching the episode I couldn't help but notice how much DHX really put into this one. Let's celebrate their efforts with an array of whimsical screencaps! Normally one of us mods puts up a screencap post, but I was curious to see what would happen if we prompted all of you, the commenters, to try your hand at screencapping, subtitling, and commentary!

We "Really Hate" Ponies

I'm sure all of us here "reallly hate" ponies. I "hate" them so much! Especially the purple one that just became an alicorn today!

WARNING: has blood

Music At This Specific Time

All of my visions were untrue
Till I had a vision of you
And untimely end for all
But it was only then, only then that I saw...

Yep... It's that time, again... As per request, all the music is listed in this particular format... You're welcome...

1. Sim Gretina Rainbow Dash Remix Competition (Sim Gretina Remix) Remix
2. ByCelestiasBeard Butterflies Liquid DnB
3. Le Soldat Pony Be Cool Alternative
4. Music By Octavia Laughter Song (Giggle at the Ghostly) Flamenco Arrangement
5. TheDanielsaur Millennium (The View from up Here) Instrumental (Chiptune)
6. Mogul Dash Raise This Barn (Mogul Dash Remix) Remix
7. Zack The Kajillionth Phoenix, Rise! Metal
8. Panics WoodenToaster - Pinkie's Lie - Panics remix Remix
9. Radiarc Loved One Classical
10. CrimzonAE Of Winter Coolness Instrumental (Acoustic)
11. Piecrust8 "Morning in Ponyville" Rock Rock
12. Luceds Colours of the Sky House

(FPLOON Note: I'm digging that Gorillaz-like vibe in the third one... and I hide an "easter egg"?)

How NOT to become an alicorn

Suddenly I want to become an astronaut. I'M COMIN' FOR YOU TWI!

Eternity's End

So, now that Twilight is an ageless pretty pony princess, one has to wonder if time will be gentle to the others as well?
Have an animation to build on the emotions of the finale.