Friday, November 23, 2012

Nightly Megathread #55

Swatteam is asleep... and so is FPLOON... This is quite the irony...

Spoilers! Episode 4 speculation/discussion

Don't mind the sad CMC. I am sure they will cheer up tomorrow. Anyways, it is time for another speculation post for the upcoming episode. There wasn't much revealed for this episode, but I will still give my theory on how the episode will turn out, along with the friendship lesson. Go past the break for all the spoilers!

Lauren Faust's Stalker

There is a lack of ponies, but the creator of our beloved show makes up for that. Go past the break for the stalking to begin.

Episode Four Pinkie Says Comic: Pinkie Says Vote!

Ready for this week's Pinkie Says comic? This round: Pinkie Says Vote! Time for episode four everyone! And remember to vote for Daring Do and you'll win 60, count 'em, 60 internets from me! Get to it. 

Comic Post #59: Tying it All Together / Rarity vs. Slenderman 2 / You've Done it Now Twi / 'Cause Tomorrow Winter Is Here (Yet Another Alternate Ending

Not a Muffin by *DocWario

Maybe not, but English Muffins taste incredible Derpy. Trust me. Make sure you melt some butter and smear it all over those. Speaking of muffins, comics after the break. Also, Twilight for ever preview image! Woohoo!

The Tom And Bloomberg Show Episode 2

Another intense episode of the Tom and Bloomberg show has just been released. Tom and Bloomberg Trade Witticisms in episode two of this gripping Drama. Watch this thriller after the break!

IDW Writer Interviewed by CCN (not to be confused with CNN, which i was)

My Little Pony issue 1 Cover E and F by *andypriceart

Katie Cook, writer of the highly anticipated MLP comics, was recently interviewed at new York Comic Con. She discusses her experiences with the fandom and the direction for the comic. Check out Cowabunga Corner's article here and the video interview after the break.


Looks like another licious video has popped up, this time featuring Octavia. GO and watch it after the break.

Las Pegasus Unicon Writing Competition

Yes, Twilight. The books are coming...
Twilight Sparkle - Books! by ~DrinkEvilTea
Interested in getting your extravagant pony tales into the spotlight? Las Pegasus Unicon is holding a contest just for you! Go here for their website's information or find it below.

[Credit to Derpy Hooves News]

PMV: you fight me/ Break Your Heart/ breaking benjamin rain pitch/ Livin' La Vida Pinkie

Nothing says post-Thanksgiving like watching Arrested Development with your extended family... Later, we'll be watching Trapped in the Closet...

Anyway, PMVs... coming at ya!!

1. pmv you fight me
2. PMV- Break Your Heart
3. pmv breaking benjamin rain pitch
4. Livin' La Vida Pinkie

Artsy-Wartsy Post #58

LOOK AT ARTSY'S EVERYDAY. More of that daily epicly drawn pastel horses!
Now excuse me as I rewrite the original song that header is parodying...

MandoPony: Pinkie Pie Jumps - The V-Scratch Sessions

Looks like MandoPony has done it again. What do you get when you cross a Pinkie Pie with Vinyl Scratch? One heck of party. Go and listen to is after the break.

Comics : Twilight's Rampage / Happy Hayday / Magnets / The Staring Contest / Pinkies of the North

Have some early morning comics to start off your day. We got crazy rampage Twi, a late Turkey day comic,
Derpy and physic, Derpy and the ultimate challenge, and a totally brand new one that wasn't posted in any form what so ever. Enjoy!

Episode 4 preview on entertainment weekly

Entertainment weekly has posted another preview, this time for episode 4. I you don't care about spoilers, go past the break.