Friday, November 23, 2012

Comics : Twilight's Rampage / Happy Hayday / Magnets / The Staring Contest / Pinkies of the North

Have some early morning comics to start off your day. We got crazy rampage Twi, a late Turkey day comic,
Derpy and physic, Derpy and the ultimate challenge, and a totally brand new one that wasn't posted in any form what so ever. Enjoy!

MLP - Twilight's Rampage (Comic) by ~FireBrandKun

Don't worry, Twi. Lust for battle gets the most of us.

Happy Hayday by *DocWario

I don't care if it is morally/ethically wrong. Turkey for all the ponies!

Magnets by *muffinexplosion

Just magnets.

The Staring Contest by *megaphonnic

Wouldn't be a tie?

Pinkies of the North Star by *UC77

Yep, brand new.