Monday, December 17, 2012

Nightly Megathread #78

Can't talk... Must study... *twitch* Finals... Study... Study... Study...

Animation/PMV: Impact

Just when I was about to go to sleep, this bad boy of a PMV comes along. This PMV/AMV is intense,  seizury, and AWESOME! If you plan on going to sleep soon, you may want to steer clear of this PMV. BECAUSE IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Watch it after the break!

Big Apple Ponycon Announces Andy Price and Stephanie Buscema

    The ponycon in New York, The Big Apple Ponycon, has announced two more MLP Comics personnel to be attending the con. Andy Price, the artist of MLP #1-4 and Stephanie Buscema, cover artist of the mainline IDW comic. They join Katie Cook, writer of MLP: FiM 1-4 as comics guests at the convention. Plus, Unanimous Delivers will be joining the ranks of honored guests. Celestia Radio and Bronystate will join the hosts of The Brony Show to stream and cover the event. Go past the break for the full press release.

Comics : CMC Confessional / Its been called that before Trixie / A Gift for Derpy / The Heath Warming Wish

Have a few comics. We got some harsh realizations, an awesome crossover, a heart warming comic, and wished coming true. Read em' after the break!

Mixed Media : Babs Seed [Minecraft Note Blocks] / Leaked Footage of the MLP Body Switching Episode / MLP / PONYBENDERS - Appleloosa

Have some mixed media. We got Babs Seed played completely with minecraft note blocks, Rarity showing her true side, the intro for season 4, and a parody that may not be suitable for all audience. Watch em after the break!

Story : Brotherly Love

[Slice of Life] 

Fluttershy's always hidden a secret from her friends. It's not a horrible, dark secret. In fact, it's nothing out of the ordinary, at least to everypony else: she's got an older brother.
Her brother, though, has always seems to best her when it comes to, well, everything. Tempers flare when he visits Ponyville, and Fluttershy finds herself wondering if she'll ever manage to be as good as him.

Brotherly Love by fluttershywriter 

Friendship is Money Wallet at Think Geek

   A wallet with the description as, "The best wallet in all of Equestria" has popped up at Think Geek. This is officially-licensed My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic merch. THe wallet sells for16.99, but what really got me was the description for the wallet the site gave...

   We'll start out by pointing out that if you're in Ponyville, this is probably not the ideal wallet for you. It isn't really made for bits. Bills, yes. Plastic, yes. IDs you have to carry because we can't all have cutie marks, yes. Bits would be more complicated. But then you'd think they'd be complicated for ungulates, but no. That's cause Friendship is MAGIC, you see. Any sufficiently advanced pony....

Music : Stupid WIPS / Babs FU*KING Seed / Don't Five In / Dead Seed / Fluttersomp

Have some music. We got another song from SimGretina, another shouting song from Yaplap, more Babs Seed, and a pretty epic vocal rap. Listen to em' all after the break!

1) Stupid WIPS
2) Babs FU*KING Seed
3) Don't Give In - Pipsqueak and Andanté Ft. PeakFreak
4) Mogul Dash - Dead Seed (Babs Seed Remix)
5) Flutterstomp (Ft. F3nning) - EP release!

Artsy #93


Those pods remind me of the Saiyan space pods in DBZ. There aren't enough DBZ/Pony crossovers. Anyways, go check out some awesome art after the break!

PMV : Poison / Atomic / One Last Letter / Little Talks

We got some pretty intense PMVs for you today. Two are kinda short, but really awesome. Two of them also have some animation to go with it. On another note, I went ahead and bought myself an early Christmas present. A new coffee maker and over $200 worth of coffee. I REALLY like coffee. Anyways, watch em' after the break!

1) [PMV] Poison
2) Atomic
3) [PMV] One Last Letter (Feat. Bronyfied) Revamp Edition
4) Little Talks PMV

Pony Convention : Crystal Fair in Finland in 2014

If you are one of those people wanting more pony conventions closer to you, and you happen to live in Finland, then there is some good news for you. Crystal Fair is an upcoming convention, dedicated to the fans of the television show MLP:FIM. Crystal Fair is a non-profit, fan-run convention organized by Suomen bronyt ry (Bronies of Finland registered association). The convention will take place between the 4th and the 6th of July 2014, at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki - Finland's capital city. Ticket sales have begunfor this 3-day long convention, with tickets at 80 euros for three day pass. Go to their main website here for more info on the con. Go past the break for additional info on the con. Thank you TRS for the heads up!

Comics : Tic-Tac-Derp / At least Trixie didn't use the Konami Code / Forgiveness / Ponies!!! 23 / Twiley's Tree / Pony 4 Koma / Magic Quick Draw

Have some morning comics to start your day. We got Derpy the game master, language barriers, forgiveness, cooking with Fluttershy, cute Twiley, greedy Applebloom, and more magic duel. Read em' after the break!

FIM Comic Nominated for Most Surprising (In A Good Way) Comic Of 2012

Even though the FIM comic is fairly new, it still made it to the voting polls of 2012. It was nominated for Most Surprising (In A Good Way), comics you weren’t convinced would be that good but totally surprised you. You know, in a good way? The results will be held on Christmas Day. Go here to cast your vote.