Monday, December 17, 2012

Comics : Tic-Tac-Derp / At least Trixie didn't use the Konami Code / Forgiveness / Ponies!!! 23 / Twiley's Tree / Pony 4 Koma / Magic Quick Draw

Have some morning comics to start your day. We got Derpy the game master, language barriers, forgiveness, cooking with Fluttershy, cute Twiley, greedy Applebloom, and more magic duel. Read em' after the break!

Tic-Tac-Derp by ~iamcommando13

You don't argue with that kind of logic.

At least Trixie didn't use the Konami Code by ~BestSeller-Microtech

100 points to who ever can translate the horse's dialouge

Forgiveness (Fanthrose comish) by *Tprinces

So many feels...

PONIES!!! - 23 by ~Turag

So random, yet so funny.

Twiley's Tree by *Foxy-Noxy

I'm calling it, cutest comic of the week.

Pony 4 Koma - Slice For One by *Reikomuffin

How long were you gone for, AJ?

Magic Quick Draw by ~Zztfox