Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nightly Megathread #108

Welcome to the Discord's Domain Chapel. Reverend Hyperdudeman here. I welcome you on this joyous occasion. Now, if you'd be so kind as to join the rest of the guests after the page break.

Poll Results: Who would survive the zombie-pony apocalypse?

Results are in, and a special a special "poll" on the way. |after the break|

PON3 CON site is up!

The official site for PON3 CON is up! PON3 CON will take place on May 10-12 in Nebraska (exact location is unconfirmed). The first 100 people to register will receive a free PON3 CON t-shirt. More special deals can be seen on the site.

Artsy #134

I will respect Sleepy's tradition of using [Dark] headers by using them for my own Artsies from now on. Well, at least until I get bored of them. More art after the break as usual. Brace yourselves: it's a big one.

Music: Night Flight/ BBBFF (mBrooksBrony Remix)/ who I Am/ Skippy N' Me - Luna Tic

You know whos got the power
you know who gos to cast that spell
if were going to take the day
yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh (whos got the power)

We got a Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy song from MPallante, a BBBFF remix from mBrooksBrony, an acoustic Fluttershy song from MysteriousBronie, and a ponified version of this song from Clavi Diapason...

1. MPallante - Night Flight - MLP:FiM FanSong - Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy
2. mBrooksBrony - BBBFF (mBrooksBrony Remix)
3. who I Am
4. Skippy N' Me - Luna Tic

Random Media: [PMV] - Ignition/ [No Bgm]Pony 2 Pony/ YTP - The Magnificent Trotting Shindig/ Upheaval: Reckoning Chapter 3 (Narrated by Forest Rain)

A random media post, huh? These remind me of Daytime NM, only without the discussions and/or challenges...

Anyway, We got an awesome PMV from Racecarghost, a YTPMV of this from SeishinkaYakushi, a YTP from AverageJoeCinema, and Forest Rain narrating Chapter 3 of the fanfic Upheaval: Reckoning...

1. [PMV] - Ignition
2. [No Bgm]Pony 2 Pony
3. YTP - The Magnificent Trotting Shindig
4. Upheaval: Reckoning Chapter 3 (Narrated by Forest Rain)

Animation: Daring Do VS. Discord

Have a nice little animation from ~Nicoboss143. Randomness inbound and all-Discord. How could you say no to that? Also, Daring Do.

Interview: Anneli Heed

Just Spitfire being awesome. Nothing new.

The "Manliest Brony in the World," DustyKatt, has interviewed Anneli Heed, who you may know better as Swedish Spitfire. Turns out she did several other voices as well, including Spike, Cheerilee, and Sweetie Belle. Check out the interview here or after the break.

Big thanks to DHN for reporting this one.

Update on takedowns of fanmade content

After the takedowns of episodes on YouTube and the "Friendship is Witchcraft" parody, takedowns of fanmade content seem to be on the rise. The "Equestria Girls" website has been taken down with an official Cease & Desist order, and things don't look good for Friendship is Witchcraft.
Take a look at the Derpy Hooves News and The Daily Oat articles for more in-depth reporting.

Artsy #133

It's not like I did't have any [Dark] headers left...
This one is just very beautiful, that's it.

Find a whole bunch of amazing art past the break.

Music: The Amulet (UnderKeel Remix)/ Sunlight Eternal/ Nice Work/ Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan/ Music With Different Parts (for SoGreatandPowerful)

let my feet glide, over the concrete
I got my headphones on and nothing can harm me
i'm Feeling the melody and i'm singin the harmony
the rhythms comes into me, but forever beyond me

We got a remix of this song by UnderKeel, a composed instrumental piece for Celestia by Perfect Harmony, some non-wub electro from Sethex, a collab between the Phony Brony and Rina Chan, and a SoGreatandPowerful tribute song by Kreühn Pöny...

1. PonyFireStone - The Amulet (UnderKeel Remix)
2. Sunlight Eternal - Perfect Harmony
3. Sethex - Nice Work
4. Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan - the Phony Brony
5. Music With Different Parts (for SoGreatandPowerful)

Build-A-Pony Workshop

^I was reminded of the above by the phrase "My Little Pony Bears". Yeah, I'm using a video as a header; I'm a rebel! XD

Apparently Build-A-Bear workshop will have "My Little Pony Bears" this upcoming spring. Check out the DHN article here or the comment on the Build-A-Bear facebook page that brought this revelation to us.