Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Artsy #134

I will respect Sleepy's tradition of using [Dark] headers by using them for my own Artsies from now on. Well, at least until I get bored of them. More art after the break as usual. Brace yourselves: it's a big one.

I miss my copy of Paper Mario TYD...

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My Little Kitties: Friendship is Purrfect

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I suddenly have a newly found respect for G1...

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I don't know who is more unsettling, Twi or Big Mac 

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Nnnnnng... Who could ever leave anything this darn cute?

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And people say that Twi becoming an alicorn is bad...

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Have you seen Clair's LPs? You should.

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Ummm... What?

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How the hell did that happen?

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Insomnia sucks...

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The Cute and Adorable Trixie

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Uhhh... I know this is a terrible time to say this... But you really need to see an orthodontist, Twi!

This is EXACTLY how used to see Derpy.

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"Bedtime stowy?"

Tunacorn is best pony.