Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music: The Amulet (UnderKeel Remix)/ Sunlight Eternal/ Nice Work/ Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan/ Music With Different Parts (for SoGreatandPowerful)

let my feet glide, over the concrete
I got my headphones on and nothing can harm me
i'm Feeling the melody and i'm singin the harmony
the rhythms comes into me, but forever beyond me

We got a remix of this song by UnderKeel, a composed instrumental piece for Celestia by Perfect Harmony, some non-wub electro from Sethex, a collab between the Phony Brony and Rina Chan, and a SoGreatandPowerful tribute song by Kreühn Pöny...

1. PonyFireStone - The Amulet (UnderKeel Remix)
2. Sunlight Eternal - Perfect Harmony
3. Sethex - Nice Work
4. Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan - the Phony Brony
5. Music With Different Parts (for SoGreatandPowerful)