Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mike's Mischevious M...Nocturnal Megathread (#36)

All right, to tartarus with the cake gods! Spiderman and I do what we want!

 Mike and Swat with the NM! Go after the pagebreak that was totally there! (WE DIDN'T FORGET IT!)

Music:Luna's Rebellion/ Equestrian Space/ Order of Chaos/ Scratch

We need more remixes of Pinkie's Brew. Unfortunately, there isn't any here in this music post. On the bright side, the music here is awesome enough to make me forget about that.

(Embeds are not working)

1. GatoPaint - Luna's Rebellion [Original Instrumental]
2. Equestrian Space - The Rebels
3. Carbon Maestro - Order of Chaos (Discord's Orchestral Theme)
4. Scratch (NytMayr Remix)

Dr. Whooves stuff: Doctor Whooves Adventures: [Episode 5] Wrong Way Backwards Part 1 [?!]/ DW&A [Episode 7] Wrong Way Backwards [Pt 1] (Wait what?...)

We have not one, but TWO Doctor Whooves voice overs. We have both Doctor Whooves Adventures and Doctor Whooves and Assistant. Something doesn't seem right though...

Not a Discussion post #2

Pic of a classy town to go with the classy rhyming

  1. Start telling a story in rhyme, haiku, or some other poetic form
  2. All subsequent replies must continue the story, and should continue the poetic form (hard mode), but can change it up if it's too difficult.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!!
Also suggestions for the next such post are welcome. They don't have to be in poetic forms of any kind, but if you like a challenge, certainly try. I was thinking we should do a Seterra competition -sort of a "play Seterra, post results" (time/accuracy) sort of thing. Twilight Sparkle would approve.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #32

I see the Sniper has been training Twi in the art of camping...

More art is here. Check it out.

PMV: Ponies are METAL

The best thing ever in that first one...

1.) Ponies are METAL

Music: Settling Appleloosa / Trance Song. / Greed and Generosity

by ~Mpc46

More instrumental music, sort of... |after the break ya go|