Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nightly Megathread #38

Welp, it's 11:55, so there's no use standing outside in the cold anymore.  The doors to the megathread are wide open.  Comforting familiarity and stale jokes are only a click away...  Can't really fix the whole cold thing, though.

Music: Bright Night's and Dark Day's / Lost in Equestria / Wubs of Destruction / Like Lightning / Mario Kart Super Ponybeat Theme

"Look upon my music post Equestria, for I am Swatteam!"
Lot's of instrumental music in this one. Who need's words anyway.

1.) Bright Night's and Dark Day's - Constep
2.) Lost in Equestria
3.) Wubs of Destruction - Constep
4.) Knights of Equestria - Like Lightning
5.) [MLP FiM Crossover] Mario Kart Super Ponybeat Theme

Not a Discussion Post #3

Well last night's discussion post didn't go so well: It was interpreted as a little more of a "would you like more/less blog mods" thing like other recent posts, but what I was really trying to ask is "how would you plan a blog system for longevity?" or something along those lines. I'd hoped to get some ideas about how to build in negative feedback loops and proper incentives/workflows for various members, with longevity in mind. I wish I'd been around to steer that conversation back in the right direction... Oh well. Perhaps I should only do discussion posts when I have the time to moderate and direct the conversation. Somehow with scheduling errors it looks like I'll miss this one too... I don't even.

EFR EQLA coverage: Pony Physics Pannel

We're doomed.
I kinda feel bad for not letting Mike be the one who posts this. He's the science guy if you didn't notice.
Science after the break.

Comic post #32: Overusing Elements is Chaos / Luna Scare / Pony 4 Koma / How Do You Love Someone?

EQLA: Twilight Sparkle by ~AniRichie-Art

Humanized pony art? On my posts?! Okay, you guys probably don't know me well enough to know I'm not fond of humanized stuff, but I just felt like it. And feels warrant anything. Except murder. And speaking of murder, SEGWAY, the comics below are going to murder your laugh box. Juuuuust like Squidward.

(And for the record, this is Trig. I just steal SB's empty posts >:D)

{ Shine bright like a Diamond } ♥ HBD Steff ! / My Little Scrubs: Welcome to Sacred Heart / till all are one

Time for PMV's!
Diamond's, Scrubs PMV's, and Transformer's!

1.) { Shine bright like a Diamond } ♥ HBD Steff !
2.) My Little Scrubs: Welcome to Sacred Heart
3.) pmv till all are one

The Hub election day poll

The Hub Facebook page has a poll up for who would be the best president! Of course when they pit Pinkie against the others they've basically asked for the brony reckoning.
click past the break to gaze upon the feeble oppressors of Pinkie and then smash all their dreams with a vote! ...You know for friendship and parties.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #36

Yeah okay I'm using more Pinkie Spie (Clever eh?) pictures for the header, sue me. I just can't get enough of it though! That's a spy I'd trust my "Top Secret" Dossier with...
I feel that can be interpreted differently... uh anyway more art after the break.

Story:Image and Impact

Pic by My-Magic-Dream

A fanfic of Trixie I present to thee.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #35

Man, griffons for the header, plus the have hands! There better be ponies after the break...

Mega Music Post #16

Look at all of that music! Careful not to drown in all of it when you go inside... poor Ben... didn't even see it coming.

1.) My Little Speak N' Spell
2.) Brony Thank You Project Background Music
3.) Chrysalis's Desperate Attempt
4.) Legion - One Hope Remains
5.) As We Rule ~ The Theme of the Alicorns
6.) Flying with love
7.) Rainbow Factory Metal Remix (Instrumental Version)
8.) RainbowDerp
9.) Toastbeard & One Hour Compos
10.) Ahdeen