Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nightly Megathread #87/Christmas After Party

Wow, Okay.  So that party happened.  While I wasn't there for most of it, nor will I be here for this one, it's up to me to reminisce on the good, brotherly experiences we shared under the metaphorical Christmas tree.  Tired yet?  Good.  Just come on down past the break to unwind before you hit the comment section once more.

Game: Muffin Catcher

New Game! Go play it! It's better than Wolf-Puncher and has Kirby music! That is all!
(actually one more thing: pro tip - use the arrow keys and space bar)

Music: Sky/ Mistletoe Cover/ Luna(eClypse Remix)/ Dream Big

I can’t decide
What if life’s a lie?
I push the lames aside
They’ll learn

Part 3 of the "flight", a beautifully sung song by ElieMonty, Luna remix, and Scootaloo...

These songs are perfect to play during the Blog6 and Co. Christmas Party!

1. Doofcake - Sky
2. Mistletoe Cover ~ EileMonty [MERRY CHRISTMAS!]
3. Eurobeat Brony - Luna(eClypse Remix)
4. Dream Big

Animation: A Very Sibsy Christmas

Having a good Christmas everyone? Well, let's up the pony levels in your holiday celebrations with a brief little animation. Find it after the break... Cheers!

Fanfic: "Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Squirt"

We have a ~5000 word, somewhat holiday-themed fanfic for you all this evening while you're sipping hot cocoa near the fireplace! It's a bit of a tearjerker with extra helpings of "daww", though no "My Little Dashie". Interested? Check it out here.

Artsy #101

First things first! Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, capital Kwanzaa, and feliz belated Diwali! 
And may your new year be filled with merriment!

Anyways Cherilee says gather around students! This is Artsy #101! More art below the page break:

Blog6 and Co. Christmas Party!

The party don't start til you comment...

Double Rainboom Tailer/Promo

It looks like the Double Rainboom project is getting closer completion. They have recently relseased a promo talking about when the fan made episode will be released. Plus, they have also released a trailer for the episode at the end of the video. Watch the video after the break!.