Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nightly Megathread #159

Today, I did some multiplayer battling with my next door neighbor with the game "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories"... Guess who was Luna in this situation?

That's right... My neighbor... His Sora was no match for mine, not by a long shot! HaHA!

*ahem* Anyway, prepare for a surprise after the break, I guess...

Commission - Fluttercookie

Just felt like giving you some diabeetus for the evening or whatever time it is where you live.
Also, guess who commissioned it...

EQUESTRIA GIRLS: Celestia's Reign

Yay, more new leaked content of Equestria Girls.
This time, the following things are revealed among some others:
  • Celestia owns giant nuclear equipped robots
  • Luna is a cyborg ninja
Click the image or look past the break for the full leak.


New epic music incoming. If you give it a chance, that is... Totally worth it. Just pick your genres and listen to them songs while doing whatever stuff you do. Also, what does the "Progressive" prefix in genres mean?

3SPIRIT Mare in the Moon Progressive Trance
Andy Feelin Don't be Afraid (Mush Remix) Vocal 80's Pop
Delta Brony Ponystep in Ponyville Dubstep
Delta Brony The Living Tombstone and Glaze Eurobeat
Equestria Dude Set Free Vocal Rock
JayB I Love Everything (Sonic Rainboom Full On Mix) Electronic
Le Soldat Pony Twilight Raises the Sun/Beautiful Discord Vocal Alternative
Legendary Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Arrival Ambient
TAPS A change in destiny House
WolfOfSadness Celestia's Ballad (WolfOfSadness Remix) Drum'n'Bass

Top Ten Brony Songs for February 2013

Huh... Well, the big names scored again. As usual. There should be a second community voted compilation without Sim Gretina, Living Tombstone and the like.

Again, click the picture or look past the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #191

I'm pretty sure "that other site" will have their art post up in 5 minutes, but whatever.
Because it's Awesome Edition. There's so much awesomeness in here that I actually needed exploding lens flares in the shape of Morgan Freeman's face if I wanted to make a comparison.

Get your share of it after the break.

FiF II: Smagic Shmuel

Well, I don't see any other upcoming posts here, so... have this instead while I do stuff.
It's a YTP (by olibacon), by the way. In case you couldn't guess from that carefully chosen screen cap.

Have some fun by clicking the picture or looking past the break.