Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nightly Megathread #52

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the Nightly Megathread.  We've got a magical evening planned for  all of you, so come inside, and prepare to be whisked off your feet!  Well, more or less.

Game: Gravity Pony

by ~FoldawayWings

a new game has appeared, Gravity Pony, |links and video after the break|

Comic Post #54: Quickie: Reasonable Measures / Element of Honesty / Panel Play 42 / Phillybalism / Crystallized

I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY! by *IchibanGravity

Frightening stuff, that pony-thing is. She kind of looks like she lost some weight. Comics and multiparters below!


The developers of Super Smash Ponies are looking for artists who can help make alternate costumes for the characters. Basically what you would do is draw over the currents sprites with their various get-ups from the show. Interested? Contact them here! (PLEASE convince them to make Twi's gala dress as an alternate if you do!)

Mega Music Post #18

I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to party Pinkie!?
I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to party Swatteam!?
Oh I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to partay Pi-*shot by party cannon*
Guess who's comin' 'round the bin,
it's Santa Clause and his reindeer friends.
...Hmmm I think I was hit by that confetti so hard that I started singing Christmas songs... oh well, have some Festive non-holiday pony music! We've got a song about Tom, and crystal ponies, and- ho mah God, we got it all!

1.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - The Things We Do for Wub
2.) Unrelenting Devotion ( Cadence ) - CommandSpry
3.) For Dashie - By Joaftheloaf
4.) My Little Pony Fan Music - Crystal Empire Saga - Virgo de Crystallis (Avant Moi Cover)
5.) 'Shy (By TheDashDub) [600 Subscribers]
6.) Restrained Madness - Crystal Uprising (Revised vocals)
7.) Equestrian Space - Technological Marvel
8.) Peak Freak - Collapsed (Faithful and Strong)
9.) Look out here comes tom song!
10.) Empire of Stone - Original pony orchestral composition (Extended version)
11.) Radix-Stairs
12.) Pink Bowtie

PMV: Doublepink Gum/ Rise Of The Guardians / Crecio el Amor / One More Time/ My Little Dreamworks

Hay, look! Some PMVs to watch after the break! From Scootaloo (Punk Rock) to Fluttershy (Fairy Tail), come and get your PMV fix...

1. Doublepink Gum
2. My little pony: Rise Of The Guardians 3. [PMV] - One More Time
4. My Little Dreamworks: Playing with the Big Boys

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #55

Yes Lyra... We feel your pain... We'll never see you guys either...

How about some art to clear away the depression?

Pinkie's Shadow Clones

Have a nice little animation. Can you BELIEVE IT!? Go and watch it after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #54


Mmmmm...  You know what would hit the spot Twi? Apples. No... ORANGES! Oranges sound good right about now!

Another Artsy is heading your way!

Random Vids: SUNSHINE (SFM)/ this video isn't funny

Low on time? I know I am. So here is a couple of VERY short pony vids for the lolz.

comic post #53: Savages / Derpy and the Mirror Pool / Angel time! / so much / Nicolas Pie (Fun Fun Fun)

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got a parody of the "Savages" song from Disney's "Pocahontas". a Derpy comic with a twist, Celesta and Luna in their filly years, a Pinkie pony parody, and something horrifying! Read em' after the break!

Mashup: Spin Those Records/ Discord (The Living Tombstone Orchestral Remix) [Walt Ribeiro vs. The Living Tombstone]/ Princess of the Slam (Stupid Remix)/ 99 Smiles

Ironically, I was listening to "Kingdom Hearts" music when I first saw this...

the "quote-unquote" code stands the test of
time for the chosen ones to find the best of
noble minds that ever graced the face of
a hemisphere with no fear, fly over

Mourning Mashups?? Why not??? And there all from Soundcloud??? What sorcery is this?? Well, I'm trying to see if the Soundcloud embeds work or not, so let me know in the comments if they do work (which may open up more possibilities, if you think about it... otherwise, just click on the mashup title below...)

1. Spin Those Records by CHANG31ING
2. Discord (The Living Tombstone Orchestral Remix) [Walt Ribeiro vs. The Living Tombstone] by szjdfgs
3. Princess of the Slam (Stupid Remix) by YoshiEgg25
4. 99 Smiles by RapidStrike