Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mega Music Post #18

I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to party Pinkie!?
I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to party Swatteam!?
Oh I'm ready to partay! Are you ready to partay Pi-*shot by party cannon*
Guess who's comin' 'round the bin,
it's Santa Clause and his reindeer friends.
...Hmmm I think I was hit by that confetti so hard that I started singing Christmas songs... oh well, have some Festive non-holiday pony music! We've got a song about Tom, and crystal ponies, and- ho mah God, we got it all!

1.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - The Things We Do for Wub
2.) Unrelenting Devotion ( Cadence ) - CommandSpry
3.) For Dashie - By Joaftheloaf
4.) My Little Pony Fan Music - Crystal Empire Saga - Virgo de Crystallis (Avant Moi Cover)
5.) 'Shy (By TheDashDub) [600 Subscribers]
6.) Restrained Madness - Crystal Uprising (Revised vocals)
7.) Equestrian Space - Technological Marvel
8.) Peak Freak - Collapsed (Faithful and Strong)
9.) Look out here comes tom song!
10.) Empire of Stone - Original pony orchestral composition (Extended version)
11.) Radix-Stairs
12.) Pink Bowtie