Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nightly Megathread #5

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ Sexy Muffin..."

So, if you're seen this post already, then you would then think of that one meme almost instantly... Well, I wasn't going to do that... So, instead here's DERPY STYLE!!!

Page break, you think you have power over ME?

Music: Fluttershy's Harmony / A song about Trixie / Dreams

I seriously don't get the point of Ponyconfessions but this is the only one I've ever found that actually makes sense.

"A post is fine too."
Have some late night music. Fluttershy, a song about sad Trixie, and some Dashin' Rainbow music. Now enjoy this music while I facepalm myself to death.

  1. Fluttershy's Harmony
  2. Regret - A Song About Trixie
  3. Dreams - dBPony

10000 Page Views!

Woohoo! 10000 pageviews. Wait...

Globalpost post article on Bronies

Globalpost posted an article on the Brony fanbase. It's a pretty interesting read, to say the least... Click here to ckeck it out...

PMVs: AMV Previews/ Don't Forget the Magic

1. EnchantedLocket- AMV Previews (100+ sub Thank You Gift)
2. Sim Gretina-Don't Forget the Magic

Congrats to EnchantedLocket for reaching OVER ONE HUNDRED *crushes iPhone* subscribers!

EverFree Radio Mega CG Video Compilation

Heard of Canterlot Gardens? They've got a statue of Discord there. Is it wrong that I hope he breaks out again? But if we're talking about the convention, Everfree Radio camped out there and has got a slew of shiny videos for us to indulge in. Trust me, there is little from these videos you would want to miss.

Clear here for the start of CG panels in their playlist (You may have to skip through a few non-CG related videos), or head past the break for the individual videos.

Note: There has been no confirmation that all videos have been uploaded to my knowledge. This post will most likely be bumped if more videos get posted. Additionally, embedding on their vids have been disabled. Guess I'll go with straight links.

Make ABSOLUTE SURE you check out #1. It's incredible.

Discussion #(too lazy to look up)

So we're having another discussion in the comments section again. [check it out after the break (if I can finally get it right)]

Music: Eternal Fluttershii (Remix) / Chaotic Flight / At Dangerous Speed

#1Sim Gretina - Eternal Fluttershii (Remix) by Sub.Sound
#2 DJ MHM - Chatoic Flight
#3Vinyl Scratch - At Dangerous Speed [OFFICIAL] [HD]

Take a seat, eat some cake with Rarity, listen to some music, have best day ever.

Music: Little Gestures / Sound of Love / Rainbow Factory Metal Cover / Eternal Flutershii

Chicken for Nightmare Night, Turkey for Thanksgiving
We got a bunch of song today, including a Rainbow Factory metal cover, and a really weird one with Spike and Fluttershy. Go on ahead and listen to them after the break.

1.) Radix-Little Gestures
2.) Sonic Breakbeat ft. Shisno-Sound of Love
3.) Rainbow Factory Metal Cover by CrimzonAE
4.) Eternal Fluttershii

Megathread: FiM Crossovers

Why can't this be a reality?!?!

Okay, so everyone knows that ponies can literally crossover into anything, as shown in videos, music, art, etc. and all that jazz. So, I've been thinking... What hasn't gotten the FiM crossover treatment yet? I remember I made a list of crossovers some time ago on a discussion post on EQD (which had nothing to do with the original discussion post at the time) but I wonder if anyone else had any crossover ideas that they are pretty sure hasn't been given the crossover treatment one way or another. So, what do you guys think?

(Also, if you can read this, then you can also mention crossovers that did happen, but could of been done better or is in need of more crossover treatment... Or how much you don't like certain crossovers or just FiM crossovers in general...)

Music : Life With a Discordant Philosophy / Evil Queen Chrysalis / Rattler Ridge / Tartarus

#1 Life With a Discordant Philosophy (Progressive Metal)
#2 [GatoPaint + Jotapeaspu] Evil Queen Chrysalis (Reina Malvada)
#3 Ponycraft Applelosa - Rattler Ridge
#4 Peak Freak - Tartarus

Have some epic music! We have some Discord for the first one, Chrysalis being "EVIL! EVIL!! EVIL!!!" in the second, a song that made me reminisce of Mortal Kombat inside the deep mysterious third slot, and a creepy atmospheric song based off of Tartarus in fourth. Can you believe that place has a three-headed giant guard dog? I should get myself a dog like that...

Response from the bronies of Jerry Springer

Up next we have a response video from the two individuals featured on the Jerry Springer Show a few days ago. In the response video, they address the issue of themselves being accused of being hired actors on the show. Are they? Are they not? You decide! Check it out after the break. Watch here for the original interview on the Jerry Springer Show.


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