Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nightly Megathread #121

Hey, Joseph Houser here... I decided to give FPLOON's program a break and I have let myself take over for tonight... *cracks knuckles* It's been a while since I, myself, did the Nightly Megathread that wasn't just a copypaste of what FPLOON wanted in his Nightly post, so bear with me here...

"I'm gonna break it!"

SherclopPones (aka Friendship is Witchcraft) Uploads Official Songs and New Website

Friendship is Witchcraft, the mega-popular parody series that was recently removed from Youtube has launched their website which will most likely post both new and old entries of the whacky pony parody. Find the website and Youtube songs below!

SherclopPones' Official Website

Alicorn Official Plushie

Linguini Manes © 2013 Dr. Cob All Rights Reserved are back baby! 

A while back, Alicorn Twilight in Funrise's office was one of the sparks for Alicorn Twilight speculation. With Hub's press release today, it looks as if she can finally be unvailed. Looks as if they're shooting for a Fall 2013 Release. 

Big thanks to DHN for getting this Scoop!

New JanAnimation... er, Animation!

Is that a screenshot from the show? Nope, just a screen from an admittedly brief (awww....) animation by god and almighty savior of moving ponies. Check it out after the break.

Assorted Entertaining Media

Some stuff that's lingering around on my list.
So I just throw it at you.
There's a nice PMV, the new issue of the Equestria Inquirer and a few mute flash/gif animations.

Temporary satisfaction and fun after the break.

Mega Music Post

Giant white borders...
A whole bunch of music this afternoon.
Delta Brony -- King Sombra (Euro Darkness Mix) -- Crossover
Coconeru -- Weather Machine -- Steampunk Orchestral
GatoPaint -- Loyalty (Cover) -- Vocal Rock
Assertive Fluttershy -- Boooring (Cub3x Remix) -- Melodic Dubstep
The Combine -- Pilot Light (feat. Feather) -- Vocal Dance
Luceds -- Far from Home -- Orchestral
Legendary -- Legends Box - Deserted Hope -- Ambient
M Pallante -- Army of the Night -- Vocal Rock

Embeds where they always are

Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Character Showcase

So, the Mane6 team is close to finalize the work on Fluttershy as a playable character in their Fighting is Magic game. Apparently it was a little tough to make her the way they wanted her to be.
She's shy, after all.

Find some information on why the process was different from the other ponies and more on their website.
There's also a short showcase video of her gameplay as well as a timelapse of the making of her Splash Art, which you can see above.
I took the freedom to put the embedded showcase video after the break as well.

Turnabout Storm 4/4

The big  ol' 4 is up for Turnabout Storm! And yet I still haven't watched this series yet! After you finish the video you can throw rocks at me! After the page break of course.

Comic: The Examby / Mirror of Desire / Twilight the First (spoilers?) / Dr.Fluttershy

This header... has killed my ghost. (In a good way)

Swat's soul is here! I'm lucky to have survived the pink explosions in that Polypony video.

Anyway, it's time for some of those comics so "Break on through to the other side!" of this page break...

Lauren Speaks

So, it seems everyone and their dog (or cat, we accept all kinds here) is talking about the season finale. Even Lauren Faust has something to say. See it after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #152

I'm sick of news.
If you're not absorbed in them too much, look at some good ol' art.

After the break.

Revelation of the Season 3 finale

Entertainment Weekly exclusively published information about what will happen in the Season 3 finale.
Meghan McCarthy gave some insights, so it's 100% confirmed to be reliable.
If you want to know...
Hit the article on EW for all the spoilers.
And also hit The Hub's tweet if you want to be really really sure.

Any opinions? Drop them in the comments.
Oh, and by the way.... There are five pages in EW's article. Links at the bottom of page 1.

Random Morning Stuff

Up above is GabuEx's strangest PMV ever. Below the break we have some images of early drafts of a page of the official comic from Andy Price (you can also find them here and here). Perhaps they offer a bit of insight into the development of the comics, and of course, they look good.