Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #146

It's time to play Slendermare: The 8 Pieces of Harmony...

Twilight Sparkle Goes on an Adventure


Now that Twilight got her wings... and a fair break until the mysterious invisible cameraponies start filming her and her friends again... she obviously has some time to try what her new limbs are capable of.

Comics: [Insert array of titles here]

I'm running out of header images... So have a pile of ponies.
And the comics after the break, of course.

Poll Results: Magical Mystery Cure Rating

Well here are the full results, as whoever made the last poll results post *cough* Trig *cough* Didn't shut the door poll so here are updated results. Funny how much opinion can change since last results |head on down for more|



archangelcreations Gentle Clouds (Fluttershy) Instrumental
Delta Brony Twenty Ten (Elite Eurobeat Mix) Eurobeat
Evening Star Land of Equestria (The Orchestral Anthem) Orchestral Vocal
Nameless Warning Don't Be Too Shy Vocal
PegasusPitch ft. Bronyforchrist Flim Flam Brothers Vocal cover
Replacer &I feat. Feather Until The Sun (TuXe's Dubstep Remix) Dubstep
Silva Hound ft. Rina-Chan Hooves Up High (DJ Gestap Trance Remix) Trance

Friendship is Witchcraft 8: Foaly Matripony

After the long wait, part 8 of Friendship is Witchcraft has been completed.
You're probably so excited you could burst.

If you missed the stream, it's on YouTube now.
Hit this link or watch it embedded after the break.
I was just reminded that it's immediately blocked in America. Go to their site, it will be up soon.
Err... apparently it's unblocked again. But if you still have problems with it, the vimeo embed is up now.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #177

Short edition. No idea why.
So, in case you have other stuff to do, this won't take long but still show you some new amazing art.
Have fun. Or whatever you feel.

Animations: Fluttershy Slap / A long way home / MLP: Peace of Mind / Productiveness (Derpy)

Well got four animations for you, and one is for haters (yes you are included) in fact its the first one you see. |so head on past the break, and open a world on non-Fluttershy-slapping animations|