Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comics: [Insert array of titles here]

I'm running out of header images... So have a pile of ponies.
And the comics after the break, of course.

The Real Reason StarSwirl Didn't Finish his Spell by *MissyAsylum

Aww, Sombra found his true destiny.
The Worst by ~Zicygomar

You will never be as happy as this.
The Royal Family by ~TheWormOuroboros

A shame that we haven't seen Prince Douchebag since the gala...
Cutie Mark Crusader Plumbers by *dstears

Multicrossover comic. I only know the first one, but it's funny.
Orange Isn't Your Colour by ~Scootaloooo

I liked Pinkie impersonating Applejack... And if only for the straight mane and the bucking scene...
Plan ahead by *GlancoJusticar

I really would like to see this happen in season 4.