Thursday, April 11, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #219 + Comics

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Surprisingly low amount of art lately. Hmm...
Enjoy a bunch of pictures of pretty ponies.


You don't really need a header anyway, do you?
Lots of music. So there's probably something you like.

Among The Herd Earning Your Wings Metalcore
Canapplejack Dreamwatcher Progressive Metal
CrystalSlaveMusic Broken Wings [VIP] Ft. MsIkarishipper Vocal Dubstep
Delta Brony Morning in Ponyville (Delta Brony Dubstep Remix) Dubstep
MandoPony What You Wanna Hear - The V-Scratch Sessions Vocal Dubstep
Michael Pallante Princess (The Alicorn Song) Vocal Synth Rock
Mush Until the Sun (Mush Remix) Synthpop
Nicolas Dominique Snowdrop, a Musical Journey (feat. Meredith Sims) Ambient Trance
Oblivia Shockwave Drum'n'Bass
Omnipony Return (Ozzwald Remix) Risen Edit Instrumental Piano
Poniver & Koroshi-Ya Pinkie Party Activation Glitchhop
Sonic Rainboom Castle of the Royal Sisters Progressive Trance
UndreamedPanic The Heart Of The Night Orchestral Synth