Friday, October 5, 2012

Nightly Megathread #6

Welcome to the EQM test chamber and megathread emporium... For your safety, remember to fasten your seatbelt, touch the sky, and just let the ground go boom...

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Commercial disscussion

Time for a discussion. topic: commercial. post any thing you would like to see animation wise in the comments below. |specific topics after the break|

PMV: Pony Rangers: Samurai / Pinkie Pie AMV Rubiks Cube / Les Poneys Miserables: Master of the House

Ok I'm not sorry for my last post, you know it was funny. Have some Power Rangers because that show is totally rad dude. *Facepalms myself into oblivion*
  1. Pony Rangers: Samurai
  2. Pinkie Pie AMV Rubiks Cube
  3. Les Poneys Miserables: Master of the House


Ol' Swatty had an unexpectedly long slumber...SO HE'S GONNA GIVE YOU SOME HORSE!!!!!!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #1

I bid you welcome to the first ever Artsy-Wartsy Suff! So here is the deal: I'll make one every Friday. Why is the wait so long you ask? Here's why: you get the whole dang package. Art, customs, plushies, YOU NAME IT! Head on past the break to see all of it.

Garry's Mod: Equestria Fortress

All your favorite TF2 shenanigans, PONIFIED! (again) It's been a while since I've seen a G-Mod animation since the latest SFM came out. Check it after... Aw you know what I'm going to say.

Oh, and you may want to bring a lantern and some sanity potions.

Trig Rant #2 Mare Did Bad

Superhero Day at school is coming up... I'll be sure
to send in my pictures.
The Mysterious Mare Do Well by Raikoh-illust
How do you defend the most hated Friendship is Magic episode of all time? Very carefully. But being one of the six bronies that liked Mysterious Mare Do Well, I felt it unbecoming of a true ranter to hold out on this post.

Mysterious Mare Do Well was Merriwether William’s first go at lead writer for an episode of My Little Pony. Although her first script was marred by criticism, she went on to write Hearts Warming Eve and Dragon Quest, two considerably better received episodes.

Mare Do Well is largely shot down for its interpretation of not only Rainbow Dash’s character, but the rest of the Mane 6 as well.  That and a muddled message made Season 2 Episode 8 rather unfavorable for many of you bronies out there.

Head on past the break to see why I think you’ve all got it wrong…

Brony on Jeopardy!

As far as I can tell, I've never seen a brony on a game show, but a sitcom is just as good! Watch after the break!

Music: Rarity (Rap)

Okay... I'm just gonna say this... This is one of the best raps for Rarity I have ever heard in a while!!! I don't know why I'm giving this song it's own post, but damn, son! This is so fly!! Anyway, click here or enjoy this after the break if you want to...


Some of you might of played a game called Slender. This isn't a jump scare game, just really creepy.
It looks like Claire Corlett "the voice actor of Sweetie Belle" has taken the challenge of playing the game.
Watch her reaction after the break!

More Live Ponies

Alright, Guys.  I'm not sure if you're into this sort of stuff, but we got more real* ponies showing up soon at the Bonnie Doon shopping center.  In Alberta.  So, if you're Canadian, and you want the chance to hug one of...these, then head on down to the Bonnie on October 11, 12, or 13.  Also, some Tonka Chuck guy is gonna be there, too.  Whoever he is.

PMV : To the Sky / Streets of Gold / I feel So

While we wait for some news, have a few PMVs in the mean time. Don't give up hope yet! Go ahead and watch em after the break.

1.) [PMV] To the sky
2.) Streets of Gold PMV
3.) [PMV] I Feel So

MORE music : Bad, Bad Girl / Banished Queen / Artistic Dregs of Labour / It Is All Just Memories Now...

Not much today besides music. I'm sure Derpy is on her way with the mail right now. You'll get news yet!
As always, listen to the music after the break. I'm off to play some Resident Evil 6!

1.) Haymaker - Bad, Bad Girl
2.) Nicolas Dominique - Banished Queen
3.) Artistic Dregs of Labour
4.) It Is All Just Memories Now...

MikeNanotube's Post: Spelunky Re-skin Now with More Characters

If you thought Ponymon was cool...
(thanks to Pixelkitties for the new pic. I remember purchasing one of these at Bronycon! :D)

So a while ago I was talking to a guy on EqD who had made an awesome Spelunky re-skin with Daring Do, and guess what I found while browsing the Spelunky forums? Another Spelunky re-skin! It looks like more playable characters have been added to this version, and I presume it was made by the same guy, but I can't know for sure since I haven't really been able to play either very much since I changed my OS. (Spelunky mods generally don't work on MAC OS's)

For those not in the know, Spelunky is an awesome and challenging open-source indie game that plays sort of like one of the Super Mario Brothers games crossed over with Indiana Jones. You can play it a thousand times before winning once, but that's okay because half the fun is in finding the most hilarious ways to explode twice and otherwise get tossed by a yeti into a pit of spikes. The sharp kind, not the dragon kind (lol, German wordplay).

(My first post to compete with SweetieBot in terms of finding things. Am I doing it rite?)

Music : Scoot-a-rii / Liar Lyre-Electro / Luna Lament / Im the Monster

We don't have a specific music type this time around! Actually, now that I think about it, we never do!
Watch em after the break.

1.) Taps - Scoot-a-rii
2.)  RaRa - Liar Lyre - Electro (Original)
3.) Luna Lament
4.) Im the Monster

Winter Moon Celebration registration now up!

The W.M.C.A "Winter Moon Celebration Atlanta" is now allowing guests to register for the upcoming convention. Winter Moon Atlanta is a three day convention for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The convention will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta hotel from January 18th through January 20th 2013. They will be offering a special discount on the first 400 registrants. You can find out more info on the convention here at their website.