Monday, October 15, 2012

Nightly Megathread #16

We're doomed.

GOOD EVENING EQM! Let's this megathread started!

Miniature Discussion post #1:

The above, because I had these discussions in the draft folder for a week.

So I had some great ideas for discussion posts and such, but after looking them over for quite a while, trying to simplify them into something that people wouldn't TL:DR, I've decided it might be best to break up the discussions into small, bite-sized, manageable pieces. So without further adieu, I present to you the first (of many) miniature discussion posts!

In about five days, we reached 10,000 page views, and after about 15 days, we are now at almost 30,000 page views. It looks like instead of exponential growth, our page-view rate is roughly constant so far. Not at all bad. But I bet we could aim even higher. *restrains self from making a comparison to EqD*

So my question for you all today is what would you do to get this site expanding? All of us blog mods have ideas, but we value your input. What would you like to see more of? Less? Do you have any ideas about how things might be restructured to improve efficiency, ease of use, or appearance/readability of the site?

Fighting Game Bronies Charity Event!

According to Mane6, The Fighting Game Bronies are holding an event in the support of the Extra Life charity... Click here for the Mane6 update on this and click here to lead you to the Fighting Game Bronies update on said event!

EverFree Radio Interviews Amy Keating Rodgers

Amy Keating Rogers, writer for MLP season one and two (who is unfortunately not working on season three), just got an interview on EFR! Head on past the break to see the full 38 minutes inquiry session. By the way, she's working on care bears. BELLY BROS UNITE!

Comic Post #13: Something's Off / Kindergarten days 10 / 1k Challenge - Link to the rescue / Filly Sprinkles / Deadly bunny kick

No touchy Flutters!
Ooooooh, pretty flower by ~Underpable

Fluttershy! Don't touch the pretty know? Go ahead. I want to hear some more Flutterguy singing. Maybe we could get that voice back when [REDACTED] shows up in season 3? Anyway, onto the communication links, also know as comics after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #7

Here is where I'd have my car washed. IF I HAD ONE!

Another edition of the Artsy-Wartsy Stuff after the break.

Mega Music Post #3

Take this small mus-GOOD LORD! Just take 'em! Take all of these!

1.) Aviators and Lectro Dub - One Of Us
2.) Dj Dijkstra - Eternal Night
3.) GatoPaint - Fruits Of Her Labour Rock!
4.) In The Skies (OneRepublic Apologize Pony Parody)
5.) Mean Fillies ft. Flutter Bully
6.) Octavia's Dreams
7.) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace 3/4
8.) Smile Yourself to Sleep - "Smile" remix

PMV: Sally's Song/ PoniDrug Hipe/ ~ Rαrιty ~ Sεxy ß*tch!♥

Hey! Did you know that PMV stands for "Ponies Making Videos"? Of course you did... I'm just stating the obvious... Anyway, have a normal, long, and short PMV (in that order) with an added normal PMV after that pesky break...

1. Sally's Song (PMV)
2. (PMV) PoniDrug Hipe
3. [PMV] ~ Rαrιty ~ Sεxy ß*tch!♥
4. PMV - A Day to Remember: Another Song for the Weekend (Rainbow Dash Remix)

Mega Music post #2

And when we enter the battle,
think twice, watch what you're doin'.
One mistake that we make
and Pimple and the Princess are doomed!

We got a remix, a song that Will (himself) should remix, some dubstep, and many more!... The break can't stop the music, dude!!!

1. Decibelle - I Don't Ever Leave my Room (Purplefridge Remix)
2. Neglect
3. Equestria's Flower - The Piano Pony Album
4. Resonantwaves - Changeling Hive
5. Replacer (teaser) - KEEP CALM AND CANTER ON
6. TeiThePony - Alone In My Kingdom (feat. MEMJ)
7. Equestrian space - Beyond the horizon
8. MichauDotCom - Mafia 'n' Stuff

Article: Is My Little Pony a Menace to Society?

A website called the "The Geek Professor" has written an article on MLP and and some of the controversy surrounding it. Read here for the full article.

[Comic Dub] Vinyl & Octavia - Table Manners

Good morning everyone! Hope you all slept well. Today, we have a cool little comic dub to start the day. Enjoy!

Gameloft's My Little Pony game preview.

The people at The Round Stable have had the chance to view the upcoming MLP game developed by Gameloft at the New York My Little Pony Project.

Music: My Life and Toil/ BBBFF (Stratum Remix)/ Cadence vs Cadence/ Solace (feat. Megaphoric)

I’m polygonal, In either stereo or mono
So many sides I couldn't tell you vertical from horizontal
Straight up and down like some corduroy pants
I drop a style that at first glance it seems too advance

"Wake up, everypony... Wake up and... listen to some music.."
Well, good morning, everypony... FPLOON, here to give you your morning music... fix... thing... Anyways, we start off with a song sent to us by Brony musician Slightly Serious, then by a remix of BBBFF, follow up with some instrumental, and finishes it off with a soothing vocal track... Check them out after the break!

1. My Life and Toil - An original song by Slightly Serious
2. Daniel Ingram - BBBFF (Stratum Remix)
3. Restrained Madness - Cadence vs Cadence
4. Neightsayer - Solace (feat. Megaphoric)