Monday, October 15, 2012

Music: My Life and Toil/ BBBFF (Stratum Remix)/ Cadence vs Cadence/ Solace (feat. Megaphoric)

I’m polygonal, In either stereo or mono
So many sides I couldn't tell you vertical from horizontal
Straight up and down like some corduroy pants
I drop a style that at first glance it seems too advance

"Wake up, everypony... Wake up and... listen to some music.."
Well, good morning, everypony... FPLOON, here to give you your morning music... fix... thing... Anyways, we start off with a song sent to us by Brony musician Slightly Serious, then by a remix of BBBFF, follow up with some instrumental, and finishes it off with a soothing vocal track... Check them out after the break!

1. My Life and Toil - An original song by Slightly Serious
2. Daniel Ingram - BBBFF (Stratum Remix)
3. Restrained Madness - Cadence vs Cadence
4. Neightsayer - Solace (feat. Megaphoric)