Monday, October 15, 2012

Comic Post #13: Something's Off / Kindergarten days 10 / 1k Challenge - Link to the rescue / Filly Sprinkles / Deadly bunny kick

No touchy Flutters!
Ooooooh, pretty flower by ~Underpable

Fluttershy! Don't touch the pretty know? Go ahead. I want to hear some more Flutterguy singing. Maybe we could get that voice back when [REDACTED] shows up in season 3? Anyway, onto the communication links, also know as comics after the break.

1. Something's Off by *CountDoofus

Ah, good ol' Garfield. Wait, how do I remember that again? (psst... I don't. Descriptions are magic)
2. Kindergarten days 10 by ~CIRILIKO

I think we have all had this moment before. Personally, my cats were fighting off spiders in the house and I kicked a spider. When I woke up I realized the wall really hates my foot.
3. 1k Challenge - Link to the rescue by *Dori-to

If I climbed up and saw that, my feelings would be... mixed, to say the least. This was part of a three panel challenge in three hours, so check out the other participant directly below this one!
4. Filly Sprinkles by *CzudakX

I read it in Andrea Libman's voice... if that makes any sense...
5. Deadly bunny kick by *Dazed-and-Wandering

And finally, some what is this I don't even.