Monday, November 19, 2012

Nightly Megathread #51

Oh, HELL NO! Get her away from that pool! She might fall in!

...And multiply! In case you haven't noticed by now, Derpy is (unknowingly) the bane of my existence. If there was more than one... *shivers* I'd rather not think about it. How about we have a megathread instead?

Pinkie Apocalypse

by *Lucky-phantom

Looks like Swat decided to keep a few Pinkies... |I'm just going to attempt to contain them after the break|

"Magic Duel" Timeframe

Okay... I don't know about you, but I'm not sure if this particular episode is going to be an hour long... This just might be a scheduling oversight, but who knows?

Still, that synopsis is pretty blunt...

Trig Rant #6: Chillin' With the Villains

MLP Villains by ~OzHalagontor
My Little Pony round three is underway, and with two parters at the tail ends of each season, the villains are popping up like nobody's business! From Nightmare Moon to King Sombra, these top tier antagonists have played a huge role in Equestria's fate.

Bu how good were they and how do they rank among each others? From design to desires, it's time to decide which baddie exemplified the best MLP villain possible, and which ones fell flat for me.

The four characters that are up for consideration are Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra. Sorry Trixie fans, not exactly what I'd called a "villain".  Activate your clickage for my silly opinions!... This rant is long overdue.

Flash: Freaky Fred

Ah... Courage the Cowardly Dog... It was like it was only yesterday when it was simultaneously entertaining and scaring me as a child...

See the ponified version here or after the break if you're feeling...

Music: Thanks Vinyl, Thank you Octavia / Terminator: Sweetie Belle / Midnight / Twisted and Popular

Applejack by *DeathPwny

Applejack makes an appropriate music header, right? No? Not at all? Bah, deal with it. Melodic, and maybe a little not-so-melodic, tunes after the break.

1. Thanks Vinyl, Thank you Octavia (Electronic) Vocals: No                                                        
2. Terminator: Sweetie Belle (Orchestral-Electronic) Vocals: No                                                    
3. Midnight (Electronic) Vocals: No                                                                                                    
4. Twisted and Popular (Creepy-as-hell Hard Rock) Vocals: Yes

Comic Post #53: Character Flaw / Ask Pia Ikea 40 / It's Knot Funny / Going up the Tower / Better than Expected / Brimstone Uses the Mirror Pool / Too Much Cerrychanga

The Great Twixie Spa Plot by *adcoon

Is anyone else hoping this is the final scene of episode 5? Or maybe just the whole episode? Trigonometrixie, my alternate identity, approves. Meanwhile, lots and lots of comics for you to lol heartily at (I've never said that before). After the break... we go! *dana naa dana naaa  dana naa dana naa nuueeeew*

Too Many Pinkie Pies : The real ending

Well, this was inevitable. Another dark video from Deusgear has been made, this time featuring an alternate ending to "Too Many Pinkie Pies" Go and watch it after the break!

Fanfic: The Tail End Of It

[Comedy] [Slice of Life]

Applejack bites Rainbow Dash's tail off. 
To quote the story, “The surest way to success is through your mouth!”
Also, taste the rainbow.

The Tail End Of It by shortskirtsandexplosions 

Vocal Music: The B / They Call Me Opal For Short / Summer / Another Pinkie Pie

by ~khorme

And now for something completely different... SONGS, |you better let us past break, Pinkie has a pop gun|

Comic post #52: Twilight caring / Royal Recruitment! / Chasing Rainbows / eternal Fun

Up next we have some comics. We got Twi fixing the whole "Orange problem", an explanation of the Royal Gaurds, chasing rainbows, and the horrible truth. Go and read em' after the break.

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #53

Lyra in a jar?! Ermagherd! best thing ever!... Uh, I mean... Midterms aren't magic.
Seriously, they're even scary sometimes: Midterms are Madness. Anyways, more art after the break!

Can I Have Your Number, Bon-Bon?

This video makes a lot more sense if you have seen "Can I Have Your Number" skit on MAD-TV.
Anyways, go past the break for the hilarity that is Lyra.

SSP has a website...

by ~nickyv917

Looks like SSP, got its own website... Check it out here, |hello. break, mind letting viewers past to see the copied entry, and comment?|

Game: Pinkie Pie Population Perforation Project

Anyone had enough Pinkie yet?  No?  Well, looks like we have another Too Many Pinkie Pies post, only this time, it's a game.  Here, you're going to try and blow away as many Pinkie Clones as you can without hitting the real Pinkie.  So click on past the break, and try your hand at giving the episode the ending it deserves.