Monday, November 19, 2012

Comic Post #53: Character Flaw / Ask Pia Ikea 40 / It's Knot Funny / Going up the Tower / Better than Expected / Brimstone Uses the Mirror Pool / Too Much Cerrychanga

The Great Twixie Spa Plot by *adcoon

Is anyone else hoping this is the final scene of episode 5? Or maybe just the whole episode? Trigonometrixie, my alternate identity, approves. Meanwhile, lots and lots of comics for you to lol heartily at (I've never said that before). After the break... we go! *dana naa dana naaa  dana naa dana naa nuueeeew*

1. Character Flaw by *DaringDashie

I always found it questionable how the message of It's About Time was don't worry about your future, then TWO SECONDS LATER Spike has stomach pains for ignoring his future. Oh well, at least it's a good chance to laugh at Spike.
 2. Ask Pia Ikea 40 by *DocWario

Pro-tip: don't name your workshop utilities after witchcraft terms.
3. It's Knot Funny. by *IchibanGravity

The title, I c wut u did thar. How do you like them app- ropes?
4. MLP: Going up the tower (Commissioned) by *tan575

But Twilight did take the elevator... the employee elevator. Also, this one and the next were already posted by EQD, I am aware. Damn morning comics and school. I'd like to think of the comic posts as more of an archive (though maybe I could start up a real archive).
5. Comic 31: Better Than Expected by =ZSparkonequus

Eh, I'd prefer a Rarity kiss.
6. Brimstone Uses the Mirror Pool by ~VincenttheCrow

Couldn't of used Big Mac or Shining Armor, now could we? Eh, it's still a funny joke. "And then they f***ed".

Now THIS is a convincing way of riddling out the Pinkie Pies.