Monday, March 25, 2013

Nightly Megathread #175

*about 30 minutes ago from post time*
FPLOON: Computer, give me Nightly Megathread setup #175...
FPLOON's Computer: I am sorry, Master FPLOON... #175 has been deleted...
FPLOON's Computer: The source is unknown at this time...
FPLOON: Hmmmm... *thinking* Run backup #175...
FPLOON's Computer: Are you sure, master FPLOON?
FPLOON: DO IT!!! *pauses* We're running on fumes here... and not the good time...
FPLOON's Computer: As you wish, master FPLOON...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #206_2

Oh well, guess I can't have a full post every day. But ponyKillerX drew something new, so it's totally worth it.
Also, about that special post I announced for today. Yeah, I lied. But it's done now and scheduled for tomorrow because there's no time left today. My bad.

Have a little bit of art before the NM.

Big Mac knows all

Big Macintosh Consultation by ~RenaissanceBrony

Is your answer to this question nope? Nope. I mean, Eeyup. Wait, nope. Dagnabit....

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #206_1

Probably everyone of us can identify with that... Except for Mike. He can't.

New art for you. That "Two Artsys a day"-thing works surprisingly well so far... Thanks, guys.

Varied PMVs

Just playing Monster Hunter isn't enough for Rarity. She has to live it, too. A fair number of PMVs today. On a different note, having a personal intro to your PMV is OK, but 25 seconds is at least 5 times too long.

GoleanStarfire Fabulous Ashley Tisdale
Dubious Khan Pony Way You Want It Journey
TwilightHolmes91 When Can I See You Again? Owl City
TwilightHolmes91 Send Me An Angel Scorpions
Camsy34 Blackbird The Beatles
TheDanielsaur Indiana Sky Josh Garrel
TheRainbowDash20 Take It Back Just Surrender
*Content Waring For Everything Past Here*
Andy Reynolds Thrift Shop Macklemore
Kawaiicutiechan Die Young Ke$ha
TrollBerries Rumors Of My Demise... Rise Against

Comics + Equestria Inquirer

Header, header... Ah, this will do. Pretty sure I used this one already.

Anyway, have some comics which caught some dust here. I think they're still new in terms of posting...
Also, have the latest print issue of the Equestria Inquirer that deals with the pony pope. I didn't know they had something like that. With the goddesses being physically there and everything. Oh well.

Meanwhile at Hasbro...

Uh... I got nothing... (Enjoy...)

Equestria Girls - Politics

How about some ʎʇıuɐsuı in the morning? I know you want it...