Monday, March 25, 2013

Varied PMVs

Just playing Monster Hunter isn't enough for Rarity. She has to live it, too. A fair number of PMVs today. On a different note, having a personal intro to your PMV is OK, but 25 seconds is at least 5 times too long.

GoleanStarfire Fabulous Ashley Tisdale
Dubious Khan Pony Way You Want It Journey
TwilightHolmes91 When Can I See You Again? Owl City
TwilightHolmes91 Send Me An Angel Scorpions
Camsy34 Blackbird The Beatles
TheDanielsaur Indiana Sky Josh Garrel
TheRainbowDash20 Take It Back Just Surrender
*Content Waring For Everything Past Here*
Andy Reynolds Thrift Shop Macklemore
Kawaiicutiechan Die Young Ke$ha
TrollBerries Rumors Of My Demise... Rise Against