Monday, March 25, 2013

Comics + Equestria Inquirer

Header, header... Ah, this will do. Pretty sure I used this one already.

Anyway, have some comics which caught some dust here. I think they're still new in terms of posting...
Also, have the latest print issue of the Equestria Inquirer that deals with the pony pope. I didn't know they had something like that. With the goddesses being physically there and everything. Oh well.

Ask Pun - Books by *muffinshire

No bad puns in here. Just a nice little poem thingy...
Weekly Comic #4 by *vicse

Well, she did ask for this...
PranksterShy Twilight Sparkle by *HowXu

That didn't quite go as planned... Good for us, because this is cute as hell.
Twiderp by *DocWario

Twilight can't be bright all the time.
MLP: The Photo Album (Commissioned) by *tan575 & *CSImadmax

How about hiding your personal memories better next time?
But Twilight really is snooping around, though...
Accidentally page 9 by ~Az-Pekt

You saw it. Discord doesn't care.
Also, that place is awesome.