Monday, February 4, 2013

Nightly Megathread #127

The next header on the roulette... OCTAVIA!

Stay Pony, My Friends

The Hub has released a new promo, completely unrelated to the finale. A rather fun little parody. Check it out here or after the break.

Comics: Ow./ Bad Timing/ Flying contest/ Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom

Comics. Just comics.

Music Collection Site[2]

Part 2 of my list from earlier today. Yes, there was a ton of music over the course of 12 hours...
Neighsayer -- Well Player -- Instrumental
Nicolas Dominique -- Ever Vigilant -- Trance
Risen From Ashes -- A Luna Lullaby -- Lullasynth
Seventh Element -- Angel's Dark Acid Jam -- Acid Breakcore
Seventh Element -- Return of the Jelly Pony -- Experimental
Seventh Element -- The Passing of Time -- IDM
ViFFeX ft. Faux Synder -- Inner Strength, Outward Power -- Vocal

You know what to do.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #158

Have a very short Artsy today...

PMVs: Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends / Beyond The Ice / Humoresque of a Little Pony / Witch Hunt / A Tribute of Fluttershy and Discord

I really like PMVs. They make me almost as happy as Pinkie is up there. Almost, since I doubt it's physically possible for a human to be that happy. Anyways, PMVs. Enjoy.

1. Friends Will Be Friends Will be Friends - EpicLuxray
2. Beyond The Ice - HeavyWeaponsBaby
3. Humoresque of a Little Pony - CanadianPegasusRob
4. Witch Hunt - TheStormkn1ght
5. A Tribute of Fluttershy and Discord - mylittlepearlvideo

Music Collection Site[1]

Let's see how many names I can come up with for this kind of post...
Have a small list:
crazyoatmeal3 -- Star Gazers -- Post-Rock
DrDycer -- [FicSong: Past Sins] - Who I Am -- Acoustic Vocal
GatoPaint Ft. Sour Lemonade -- Kindness ( Cover ) -- Vocal Rock Cover
GaugeN -- Bass Crusher -- Dubstep
Omnipony -- My Little Changeling (F3nning Metal Cover) -- Cover
Tenseconds10 -- "Home" - Lyra Heartstrings -- Theme

Embeds where you expect them to be.