Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nightly Megathread #171

I was going to go off in a "Kingdom Hearts spasm" (the good kind) for who knows how long whenever I do the Nightly Megathread, but this pic of Snowdrop got me to thinking about tonight's NM...

Find out the results and more below...


you rolling with a g from ADV
got a bank here but it named TIP
put me in the clubs where's its VIP
you never ever gotta show my beef

The Music Hour is upon us once again... Here to give you your music fix, my friend...

1. oodorato2 So Awesome /)^ɛ^(\ レインボーダッシュ Remix Vocal Splicing
2. Steven, A.D. The Sameling Alternative
3. Evening Star Sunstorm Drum & Bass
4. DasDeer Aftermath Symphonic Orchestral
5. ClaireAnneCarr Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Rock! Rock

Game: Pinkie's Senses

Remember those games where you dodge falling objects. Don't lie I have photographic evidence of you playing them (clearly addicted). |head past the break to... just head past the break|

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #202_2

I should be sleeping. Have the second short part of the Artsy.
Why shouldn't you appreciate some quality art in the evening? We also have a drawing of Snowdrop.

Lean back and look at ponies. Reminds me of the thing I want to try here...

Snowdrop (YouTube Edition)

Didn't see it on Bronystate beforehand? Well, even if you did, you can now watch it again and again on Youtube by clicking here or go passed the break!

I not going to spoil anything... but, this is pretty freaking sweet and incredible... (Incredisweet!!) But, you should already expect that from SillyFillyStudios by now...

"Way of the Hoof" Animator Competition

There's a new competition for the animators among you.
Six teams (of currently undefined size) of animators will be working together with a musician to demonstrate "the Way of the Hoof". Pony Martial Arts.
Once the teams are formed, there will be a timeframe of 12 weeks for them to make an animation for it from scratch.

Find an announcement video and a Gdocs file copypasta with the whole information after the break.
As always with these kind of things, spread the word.


It’s dusk in desert
It’s heaven at the gates
You are my desire
You are my escape

Time for some mashups... since I can't hold on to #5 any longer...

1. Misha Dash Acoustic Brony & MysteriousBronie vs PSY - It's Rainbow Style
Oppa Rainbow Dash!
2. s2jdfgs MegaTouhou vs. Katy Perry - We Didn't Start the Bronies x Hot n Cold
Yes... A parody mashup...
3. Alto9315 FiMFlamFilosophy x Kanye West - The Pony Waifu Workout Plan
Is Kanye your waifu? *snickers*
4. IAmMelloYellow We Are Never Getting Chaotic (Taylor Swift vs. Eurobeat Brony)
Toe-Tapping Discord...
5. Misha Dash The Living Tombstone vs. Snoop Dogg - Drop a Gypsy Bard
I can't stop listening to this...

(Seriously, #5...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #202_1

No idea who these ponies are, but they look happy. So, there.
Also, I think I won't need the "_1" today.

Enjoy what I could find.

Comics: Spitfire Edition

Kevin Levine fully supports ponies and their endeavors, so I expect an increase in Bioshock  inspired comics tenfold. Get to it artists or I'll do it myself and you won't want that!

Sweet dreams...