Thursday, March 21, 2013


It’s dusk in desert
It’s heaven at the gates
You are my desire
You are my escape

Time for some mashups... since I can't hold on to #5 any longer...

1. Misha Dash Acoustic Brony & MysteriousBronie vs PSY - It's Rainbow Style
Oppa Rainbow Dash!
2. s2jdfgs MegaTouhou vs. Katy Perry - We Didn't Start the Bronies x Hot n Cold
Yes... A parody mashup...
3. Alto9315 FiMFlamFilosophy x Kanye West - The Pony Waifu Workout Plan
Is Kanye your waifu? *snickers*
4. IAmMelloYellow We Are Never Getting Chaotic (Taylor Swift vs. Eurobeat Brony)
Toe-Tapping Discord...
5. Misha Dash The Living Tombstone vs. Snoop Dogg - Drop a Gypsy Bard
I can't stop listening to this...

(Seriously, #5...)