Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nightly Megathread #144

I passes out a couple of weeks ago and had a dream about showing Derpy how to summon her awakened persona... Even though this header doesn't accurately show the results of that event, I still find this to be pretty ****in' awesome...

It's time to burn my dread...

Ardail Interview

Missed the livestream interview? Well, don't threat... uh... my little commenters(?) because you can now rewatch it like a DVR!

Artist Interview Live

Shuupadoopdoop going to be interviewing artist Ardail live at 6pm Blog Time... so, right now... Whatcha waiting for? Click here to see this interview go down, yo! WOO!!

Oh... and if you have any extra questions, then don't be afraid to drop them in the comments...

Mashup Post For This Brony's Soul

A good brother, lovin son, a great lover
I'm a truth seeker, on a quest not a believer
I'm an Emcee for all of the world to see
yea ya got my word on it, I'll put the Herd on it

This mashup post is brought to you by s2jdfgs and TheDanielsaur... s2jdfgs did all of the odd-numbered mashups while TheDanielsaur did all of the even-numbered mashups... (And now you know...)

1. s2jdfgs Avicii ft. Nicky Romero vs. MLP: FiM - I Could Be a True Friend
House-ify a "True Friend"...
2. TheDanielsaur Gravity Falls/MLP Themesong Mashup
That type of mashup that's as good as its sounds...
3. s2jdfgs The Fray vs. MLP: FiM - I've Got to Save a Life
Twilight singing to sad non-brony sounding music...
4. TheDanielsaur Morning in Hayrule Field Shimmers (Mash-up)
HA! Zelda and Twilight... See the connection?
5. s2jdfgs Scissor Sisters vs. MLP: FiM - I Don't Feel Like Waitin'
All S3 songs to the tune of Scissor Sisters...

(FPLOON Note: I might try something with this table for these kind of post... Maybe...)

Various stats and diagrams

Some statistics about the Season 3 finale in regard of viewers and a summarization of the comic's issue #1 sales have been made.
Summarizing the summarizations:

With the Season 3 finale, the Hub has outdone all the other major cartoon channels for the younger croud, like Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, Disney XD and some more.
Besides, MLP: FiM earned huge percentages in delivery gains among pretty much every age category up to 54. And it seems to be the "most co-viewed network in Kids 2–11 watching with Adults 18–49".
*cough* Yeah. Kids.

The comic's first issue sold rather well in December 2012... Considering only the third printing was counted due to the initial delays. It ranked 12th for IDW's comic releases and 189th in general Top 300 comic sales with 8,605 sold reprints and a total of 95,384 sold copies for issue #1.

For more in-depth information, hit the sources:


Challenge: Can you sound them all out in order of appearance?



I don't like to pick header images. Or titles. But I hope you like to pick music.
If I may recommend some, I'd say give Jastrian's work a try. Quite good vocal collaboration.
And if you feel more like screaming and headbanging to almost incomprehensible vocals, listen to Metalcore in #3. But, of course, everything else in here is just fine as well.

Blaze, Tuxe & Ozzwald The Changeling (Mush Remix) 80's Pop Synth
Blu3Mixed Find A Way (Blu3Mixed Remix) Progressive House
GatoPaint Feat. MetalCorePony Darkness Griffon (Gilda's Song) Metalcore
Jastrian Feat. Faux Synder Dark Prelude Vocal
Metapony Alicorn House
Resonantwaves The Temple of Shadows Ambient
The Ocular Invisible & NegaNote Stay Strong Happy Hardcore

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #175

Undamaged code edition. Now with 66% less pointless whitespace.
And a Fluttershy in the header.

What If I Told You...