Thursday, February 21, 2013



I don't like to pick header images. Or titles. But I hope you like to pick music.
If I may recommend some, I'd say give Jastrian's work a try. Quite good vocal collaboration.
And if you feel more like screaming and headbanging to almost incomprehensible vocals, listen to Metalcore in #3. But, of course, everything else in here is just fine as well.

Blaze, Tuxe & Ozzwald The Changeling (Mush Remix) 80's Pop Synth
Blu3Mixed Find A Way (Blu3Mixed Remix) Progressive House
GatoPaint Feat. MetalCorePony Darkness Griffon (Gilda's Song) Metalcore
Jastrian Feat. Faux Synder Dark Prelude Vocal
Metapony Alicorn House
Resonantwaves The Temple of Shadows Ambient
The Ocular Invisible & NegaNote Stay Strong Happy Hardcore