Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nightly Megathread #68

You know, not ALL wizards go to a convenient black market for their mystical items and whatnot... Why do you think eBay exist... besides the obvious?

(The page break's getting into the holiday mood...)

Game: Animal Juggling

Throwing small woodland creatures has never been so fun! Post your score in the comments! Whoever has the highest gets a KitKat! (I mean it this time)

Check it out here or after the break.

NOTE: Do not attempt in real life.

Music: Babs Seed/ The Heart Carol/ Love of Many

Ah music.  Tis a beautiful thing. At one point I stopped listening to music due to it becoming.... well... repetitive. I started again when I became a brony and now it's all I listen to. How about you guys? Leave some comments below. And without further adieu, go after the break for some jazz/rock and electronic carol.
  1. Babs Seed Remix- jcarson4
  2. The Heart Carol Remix-174UDS 
  3. Love of Many- Royalpony

PMV: My Little Scrubs: When the Truth Comes Out/ Princess Luna: Midnight Vice/ Helicopter

Scrubs, Luna, and a "****ty PMV" after the breaky break... (Now, if you excuse me... These chicks need my undivided attention...)

1. My Little Scrubs: When the Truth Comes Out
2. Princess Luna: Midnight Vice [PMV]
3. [PMV] Helicopter


It looks like the licious meme/fad isn't dead yet. This time around is Spitfire. This one is a bit...different. Go and watch it after the break!

Galacon Announces German Discord!!

Good news to those planning to attend GalaCon! They now have the German VA for Discord, Michael Pan, on their list of guest attending! Click after the chocolate-covered break for some copypaste on the announcement itself...

Thank you DHN and The Round Stable for the heads up!

Comics: Twilight's First Day #3 / Bad Day for Bon-Bon / Bank Robbery

Inexplicable by *Dazed-and-Wandering

inb4 generic "Daaaw" comments. Oops, probably shouldn't criticize peoples' lack of originality with using a meme... especially since the image is almost 2 days old. Speaking of boopage, comics after the break.

Plushies and Customs #11



We Love Fine Portraits

It look likes We Love Fine has updated their site with...portraits!? That's different than the usual clothing they spam us with. All three are high quality portraits, with the Chrysalis and Luna priced at $25, and the Zecora priced at $45. And if you don't like portraits, they have also added a single Trixie/Twi shirt. Find all this new merch here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #78

I tried eating popcorn like that when I was little... It didn't end well.

Game : Thrack-It Trixie

After playing this game, I also hate wheels. The Great and Powerful Trixie needs to earn one million bits in order to purchase the most powerful artifact known to ponykind. The Great and Powerful Trixie shall do this by hitting rocks with a hammer. Play it here, if you dare.

The Brony Song 2: At the Gala

Looks like another Brony song has popped up, and I got to say, it is pretty epic. If you have never been to a convention, just watch this. That being said, go past the break to watch the epicness.

Comics : Off the Charts / Burning Love / It′s Also About Things That Sparkle / Negotiations / Bibedum / Unsatisfied

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got unicorn levels, a pretty hot comic, more gift giving, negotiations, and TIRES! Read em' after the break!