Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comics: Twilight's First Day #3 / Bad Day for Bon-Bon / Bank Robbery

Inexplicable by *Dazed-and-Wandering

inb4 generic "Daaaw" comments. Oops, probably shouldn't criticize peoples' lack of originality with using a meme... especially since the image is almost 2 days old. Speaking of boopage, comics after the break.

1. Comic - Twilight's First Day #3 by *muffinshire

And parents not giving a f***. Probably the best idea when both your children are unicorns.
2. Bad day for Bon-Bon by *CzudakX

Background ponies don't use magic and this is why.

'Cause quills are seriou freaking business in Equestria. When you think about it, they are the only method of communication, so stealing just one could affect the entire nation's economy.