Monday, January 21, 2013

My Little Portal Episode 3

The long-awaiting Episode 3 to My Little Portal has finally arrived... and, in my opinion... It was well worth the wait... Now, so that you can stop reading this, click here or after the break to check out the latest episode for yourself...

Nightly Megathread #113

Double Luna all the way across the NM post...

You can choose to stare at them all night... or head past the unlocked break...

PMV 24 Hour Challenge: The Results

24 hours. Sony Vegas/After Effects/etc. Ponies. These things are the ingredients for a 24-hour pony PMV challenge. If you've got 45 minutes to spare (and even if you don't I'm pleased to announce a pause function has recently been invented), then check out this awesome PMV compilation below!

Thanks to Lex for sending this bad boy in.

Las Pegasus Unicon Announces a Slew of New Guests

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger doesn't it? Las Pegasus Unicon has announced... drum roll, please... (not that kind of drum roll)... Michelle Creber, Britt McKillip, and Cathey Wesluck will also be attending. This is already in addition to MA Larson, Tabitha, and Andrea Libman, among many others. How are they even going to fit all these awesome people in one convention center? Hit up their website to see any and all details about the upcoming con. 

Fanfic: Gonna Fly Now

[Comedy] [Slice of Life]

All Scootaloo wants in life are three things. To get her cutie mark, to receive attention from her new sister-figure Rainbow Dash, and to learn how to fly. After failing at all of these, namely due to Rainbow Dash's relationship with Thunderlane, she's about to give up hope when she discovers a large, white pegasus stallion with wings smaller than her own.
The only thing is, he can actually fly.
Title is a play on the song 'Gonna Fly Now' from the 1976 film "Rocky".
"Do I recommend this fic? YEEEAAAH! It gives a nice characterization to both Scoots and Snowflake."

Read it here.

Music: Party Monsters/ Rainbow Factory (Euro Nightmare Mix)/ Decisions, Decisions

Vinyl Scratch by ~Lazarus-Firenze
Using Vinyl as a header for a music post... I'm so imaginative.
Well, apparently music posts aren't really appreciated here. So have another one.

In the first slot, Dubstep by Constep. Huh...
Anyway, the second one is a Eurobeat crossover of Rainbow Factory, made by Delta Brony. Sounds like an arcade game. Or the background music of one of those ridiculous gif/flash loops you can see on the internet. You will know what I mean. Just listen.
And lastly, Evening Star gave us a new song to drool on. This time, it's Chillout House.

Continue after the break.

Random videos and animations

Past the break we have for you today some videos of varying degrees of awesomeness.

Artsy #142

Saturday grimdark challenge by *MadHotaru (excerpt_5)
Death makes no difference.
Time is passing by.
Death makes no difference.
Even the beauty must die.

Colorful art and stupid captions after the break.

Comics: MLP: good morning / RAINBOW JACK / Bliss / Silver Linings / There was no second take

That Discord Lamp is still awesome... Comics after the break! A tad busy today, so no frills.

Animation: Let's Go and Meet the Bronies

For those who have purchased and watched the Brony Documentary, you've already seen this. For everyone else, JanAnimations has compiled the three seperate clips of his contribution to the doc into one shiny youtube video, how lovely. Now go give this a million-billion views!... After the break.