Monday, January 21, 2013

Artsy #142

Saturday grimdark challenge by *MadHotaru (excerpt_5)
Death makes no difference.
Time is passing by.
Death makes no difference.
Even the beauty must die.

Colorful art and stupid captions after the break.

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"Whoa... Dude..."

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Did he steal one of Doodle's wigs?

10 (source)
*looks back at the previous pic*  

26 (source)
"You're... going to HEAR ME!"

37 (source)
That "Window to Equestria" app really improved...

53 (source)
"Nice clothes you got there."

54 (source)
"Thanks." *wink*

55 (source)
You're right about her hindleg, TiM...

61 (source)
Yeah, happy birthday. Whoever you are.
(The "birthday" is written in white.)

62 (source)
Mike? Is that you?

67 (source)
This one seems familiar... Did we have this already?

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Congratulations, you didn't leave halfway through.