Friday, November 16, 2012

Spoiler/Discussion: Episode 3 speculation

I think I am safe to safe that I am not the only one to think that this won't be a big character building episode. But regardless, past the break you will find all the previews and pics of the upcoming episode. After that, I will give you my theory on what will happen in the episode and the friendship lesson that will be learned.

PMV: Hipster Hasbro Ponies / Ebay / My Little Scrubs: Everything Comes Down to Poo

Cadenceball by ~ParadigmPizza

This is exactly what I was thinking when I first watched The Crystal Empire. I half expected Spike to throw up his arms and make a touchdown sign when she caught him and the crystal heart. Some super-duper PMVs past the break.

Caution: I (Trig) am totally a hipster.

Comic Post #49: A Time od Reform/ Coolio/ Equestria's Waiting Room

Bring me comics! Comics with royalty!

I hope that they will eventually make episodes regarding Celestia and Luna's past encounters with the antagonists... (and possibly create more questions and confusion)

Music: Those Purple Scales / A Dash of Failure / Nuclear Changeling Fusion / I'll Fly / What If / Nightmare Moon / Princess Celestia

We got some Spikey Wikey, some metal music about Rainbow failing, Touhou and This Day Aria remix, a rap about Scootaloo flying... and no depression... hooray, instrumental of Twi worrying about failing the test, and epic boss battle music for Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon.

1.) Neighsayer - Those Purple Scales
2.) Metal Core Pony -- A Dash of Failure
3.) [MLP FiM x Touhou] Nuclear Changeling Fusion
4.) Jastrian - I'll Fly (feat. Megaphoric & Steven, A.D.)
5.) What If
6.) Epic Final Bosses of Equestria - Nightmare Moon
7.) Epic Final Bosses of Equestria - Princess Celestia

Meet The Dragon

Up next is a ponification of meet the Pyro. WARNING! If you don't like seeing ponies getting hurt, don't watch this video. If you still want to watch it, go after the break. I will never look at crackle the same way again.

Fanfic: A Normal Day

[Comedy] [Random] [Slice of Life]

Discord, in a bit of a crisis over his recent decision to leave chaos behind him, attempts to live the Ponyville life while trying to find his place in a normal world.
You can probably guess how well...

Artsy-Wartsy Post #48

Okay c'mon let's face it, we all wanted this episode! The episode to end everything. How they expect to continue after this I'll never know... until the new episode finally airs that is! Haha! Yeah okay, I'm excited... but really did you expect anything less? Anyway you didn't come here for a Swat Explosion of Epicly Happy Awesomeness , so go look at dem arts! Woo!

New Preview pic from Too Many Pinkies!

Above the crystal Empire by =Dragonfoorm

Andy Price to sell some of the original pages of MLP:FIM comic

Andy Price will be auctioning off some of the original pages of the MLP:FIM comic on ebay starting Sunday Night.


I've had numerous questions about selling the original pages for MLP:FIM. This is to let you know that the 4 pages that have already been previewed from the first issue will be going up on Ebay starting Sunday night, and going for a 10 day auction. We will also be listing a few smaller sketches, possibly some prints, so there will be various goodies to choose from!

If you have purchase inquiries, please let me know! The rest of the pages and the 6 original covers will be going on sale after the release of the book!

Go here for his full statement. 

"Too Many Pinkie Pies" (Clip) #2

Have a second clip of the new episode for tomorrow, courtesy of the HUB.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #47


Make the nightmares stop... Please...

 This isn't a dream Robert.

(lots of gifs in this artsy)

Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Clip from Too Many Pinkie Pies

A preview for tomorrow's new episode has just popped up. If you don't care bout spoilers, go past the break.

Hot Minute: My Little Pony's Rainbow Dash

Looks like another MLP Hot Minute has popped up, this time featuring Rainbow Dash. And all I can say is, SO AWESOME! Watch it after the break.

Micro-Series of My Little Pony Comic Focusing On Individual Ponies this Febuary

It looks like a second MLP comic is coming out, this time focusing on the individual ponies. It seems they will be doing one for each of the mane 6, because it is #1 of 6. The first one to appear is a Twi centered comic.
Go past the break for the synopsis.