Friday, November 16, 2012

Spoiler/Discussion: Episode 3 speculation

I think I am safe to safe that I am not the only one to think that this won't be a big character building episode. But regardless, past the break you will find all the previews and pics of the upcoming episode. After that, I will give you my theory on what will happen in the episode and the friendship lesson that will be learned.

Let's start off with every synopsis given to us.

My Little Pony : Too Many Pinkie Pies

S03, E03()
Overwhelmed with having to choose just one friend to spend time with, Pinkie Pie uses a magic mirror to clone herself.

Overwhelmed with making the difficult decision to choose just one friend to spend time with, Pinkie Pie avoids making the choice by using a magic mirror pond to clone herself. Her plan goes awry when she cannot keep track of all the duplicate Pinkies. 

In “Too Many Pinkie Pies,” the exuberant pony is feeling a little overextended. Her solution? To seek out a magical mirror pond with the power to duplicate any pony who steps into its waters. Naturally, things go a little awry when the extra Pies prove difficult to keep track of. Just another day in Equestria!

Pretty much the same thing for all of them. Pinkie is overwhelmed, she makes clones of herself, @%#* goes wack.
Next are all the previews for episode 3.

The next vids aren't strictly episode 3, but contain excerpts from it.

Now are some of the screen shots for the episode.

So there you have it. Would you like some episode to go with your Pink?
Now here is my theory/speculation:

We already know the episode starts with Pinkie Pie being overwhelmed by all the tasks she has planned for her friends. Twi accidentally gives Pinkie Pie the idea to make more Pinkie Pies. For some odd reason, Pinkie Pie's Nana told her stories about a magical mirror pond that duplicates anypony that goes in. Sounds like witchcraft to me. And of course, Pinkie Pie finds the pond and clones herself. She will then go back to Ponyville to plan and strategize how to spend enough time with each of her friends. Things probably go smooth....for about 3 minutes! After which, the Pinkie Pie nature in each Pinkie Pie comes out. They will then
start to pull pranks, make a ruckus, cause property damage, annoy everypony, x10! After everypony has had enough, they seek out the original Pinkie Pie, however they figure that out, and tell her to get control of them. The original Pinkie then starts to gather all the clones, presumably with a bunch of entertainment. Considering the theater/opera house pics, I think they will put on a play/show for them. After rounding them all up, somehow all the Pinkie Pies will form into one. Now how will they do this? Will the original just eat them? Maybe they just agree to all form back into one. Or perhaps that some part in Nana Pinkie's song give the clue, such as they all must laugh at once? Or maybe they will all just jump in the pond at once.Also, how will they know which is the original. Maybe all the Pinkie Pies will be truthful and just say which one is the original. Will is be a question game as to who is the original Pinkie? The only other thing left is the friendship lesson. Is it that it is impossible to please all your friends? Or maybe it is just be yourself.
To be honest, it sounds like the standard "clones get out of hand" story. Someone makes clones to get help, clones rebel/misbehave, clones must be round up and dealt with.
Then again, the Hub has had quite a few twists in their episodes. I wouldn't doubt it if they had one in this episode.

And that is my theory!

Please submit your own theories on the episode and the friendship lesson at the end.