Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nightly Megathread #26

Don't worry, Rainbow Dash... As a certified wizard, I can teach you how you, too, can be a great and powerful wizard... Just like me... Although, to be honest, you will never be at my wizard level of skills due to being a pegasus and not a unicorn, but I'm sure your +20 Awesomeness will probably balance that out in the long run, anyway...

Now, RD, for your first lesson, use "Gust of Wind" on this page break so that this Nightly Megathread can truly commence...

Miniature discussion post #6

I don't even remember where I found this one...

More odds and ends tonight! not all of which are related this time, after the break.

Comic Post #21: Pokemans Pink: Keldo Event / Little House on the Prairie OF HORROR / Kindergarten days 15

Old Friends Reminisce by =shadowdark3

Consecutive comic posts? Guess that's what happens when Sweetie Bot goes to sleep. Random LOTR art to smoothly segway into some pony comics [implying we do comics other than pony (we don't)].

Comic Post #20: Mother Knows Best? / Biting Back / Accidental Filler / Poor Granny Smith / Cheatleastia

Rainbow leader, standing by.
This Fight's Gonna Be Over In Ten Seconds Flat... by ~PonyEcho

Shading! Lighting! Words! I have so much insight into artistic qualities, am I right? Guess what guys... WE GOT A VEGGIE COMIC! Check that out, as well as four other new comics after the break.

Music: Forgotten Crystals / Lady Nightmare Night / Flight I & II / Flutterspace

More music is stored within the contents of this post, one piece of which may concern everyone's favorite evil counterpart of everyone's favorite alicorn.  Nightmare Night is drawing near, after all.  So, break, click, yadda yadda yadda.

1.) Nicolas Dominique - Forgotten Crystals
2.) Carbon Maestro - Lady Nightmare Night
3.) DongleKumquat - Flutterspace
4.) Neighsayer & Feather - Flight I & II

PMV: TECHNO POLKA RAINBOW DASH / The Life / Strawberry swing

Welp it's me with more PMV's. I think anyone will like that first one...
Polka and Rainbow Dash, stuff about life (obviously), and some strawberries. Mmmm

2.) The Life [PMV]

Comic post #19 -AJ's future. / Rainbow Stash / Scary

I'm doing the comic post today, so bear with me. We got fortune teller Pinkie, Derpy and Rainbow Dash, and that cute art style by Soapie. Enjoy!

Fanfic: Colors of the Heart

[Romance][Sad][Slice of Life]"It is [an] amazing story..." -Dawnforge

By: Azu

Interacting with new ponies can be stressful for even the most patient pony; they can be wild, energetic and unpredictable. For some, there are few greater horrors then being forced to do so; Prism is one such pony.

She has chosen to hide away and live a life far from the ever watchful eye of a society that prefers conformity and the status quo. Alone with her only artwork and faithful pet rabbit Mr. Wiggles, she leads a fairly happy life keeping her distance from everypony. Although, when her bubble world suddenly pops and life falls to pieces around her, she is torn from her comfort zone and forced to escape the big city and find change in the form of a new life.

Colors of the Heart

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #16

Source 1
Head on over after the break for another Arts- GAH! MY EYE! Why does this keep happening to me!?

More possible titles revealed! Episode 4, 6, 7, and 9

Once again, this is not confirmed. More possible titles for season 3 have popped up on the Zap2it website. This time for episode 4, 6, 7 and 9, and they are on Saturday this time, except for episode 4.  Go past the break for the info. Take it for all it's worth. After all, these are all rumors.

Music: My Little Nightmare / Suite For Cloudsdale: Battle Theme / Spitfire / Evil United

"Everybody seems so happy, have I possibly gone daffy!?"

Have some nightmares, pegasus battle music, SPITFIRE, and some- AH, EVIL! EVIIIL!
...All of this after the break.

1.) Thomas H. - My Little Nightmare
2.) Suite For Cloudsdale: Battle Theme
3.) Spitfire (Original Song)
4.) DasDeer - Evil United