Thursday, October 25, 2012

Comic Post #20: Mother Knows Best? / Biting Back / Accidental Filler / Poor Granny Smith / Cheatleastia

Rainbow leader, standing by.
This Fight's Gonna Be Over In Ten Seconds Flat... by ~PonyEcho

Shading! Lighting! Words! I have so much insight into artistic qualities, am I right? Guess what guys... WE GOT A VEGGIE COMIC! Check that out, as well as four other new comics after the break.

1. Biting Back by *Mickeymonster

Is that some kind of Diamond Dog OC? He actually looks pretty cool. And oh Dash, so rambunctious. Pretty sure it's gonna get you killed.
2. Accidental filler? I guess.. by =Photonicsoup

Well that definitely didn't go as planned... the irony is everywhere...
3. Poor Granny Smith by ~MrBastoff

She's in a political position, Applejack. What did you expect?
4. Cheatlestia by *CountDoofus

Noted. I also love when ponies sit like this, though we've only seen it once or twice. The end of Stare Master comes to mind.