Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nightly Megathread #98

Click to source... (PudgeMuffin, you done it again!!)
Joseph Houser: Uh... FPLOON?
Joseph Houser: *pauses and looks around* Nevermind...

Random Videos: An Apple Family Delivery / MY LITTLE LOOPER: Official Trailer / Ultimate Magic Duel / Kick-plot Kung-fu Pony / Anti-Mage hates magic

The day's almost over, so why not settle down and have some more pony videos courtesy of Youtube? Find them all after the break.

1. An Apple Family Delivery | My Little Pony in Real Life Short Film
2. MY LITTLE LOOPER: Official Trailer
3. Ultimate Magic Duel (MLP in Real Life)
4. Kick-plot Kung-fu Pony
5. Anti-Mage hates magic

Discussion: Music In The Fandom

Hello...? Is this thing on..? Oh yes, there we go. Discussion about music? Of course I'd be the one to do that! Don't tell Mike I've taken his role though... View my inferior Discussion Post after the break!

Music: Calm After Sunrise / Scootaloo's Trials / Avast SweetieBot's Ass / Until the Sun (Nicolas Dominique's Clouds Remix) / Super Smash Ponies: Rarity / Roseluck / Of Sun and Moon / Now or Never

Hello everyone! New music here as always, so head on past the break for all your musical cravings.

Special thanks to SleepToFade for gathering many of these songs.

1. Perfect Harmony - Calm After Sunrise
2. ViFFeX - Scootaloo's Trials
3. ViFFeX ft. DanielPony - Avast SweetieBot's Ass
4. &I + Replacer feat. Feather - Until the Sun (Nicolas Dominique's Clouds Remix)
5. Carbon Maestro - Super Smash Ponies
6. Turquoise Splash feat. Joaftheloaf - Roseluck
7. M Pallante - Of Sun and Moon
8. General Mumble - Now or Never

Super Smash Ponies Update: Combos and Frame Cancels

     The already epic-looking Super Smash Ponies has been updated again, this time with Combos and Frame Cancels (I don't even know what that last one means, I need to play more fighting games.). Check out the video here, or after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #116

Apparently there's a shortage of mods right now. So... Freelance time.
And that calls for... A chaotic Mega Artsy.
Prepare yourself for a whole bunch of art. After the break. [That I hopefully don't derp]

Animations: Obey pinkie pie / Pinkie Party / Pinkieshenanigans! / Twilight Sparkle smile
You will obey, you will watch ponies. You will obey, you will parrrrtay. |You will obey, you will go past the break|

Poll Results: Who is best Rainbow?

No comment, make of this as you wish, |comment and see after the break|

Game: Find Spike
Help Spike is lost, you need to find him! and maybe some tasty gems and other things. |Come on, head past the break|