Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nightly Megathread #73

Sorry everyone, but I think it's way past all of our bedtimes.  Internet may be fun and all, but someone's got to pull the plug eventually, so I'm gonna take the fall here, and... is that Luna?
...Okay, new plan.  We're going to try and stall until she goes away.  Everyone pull up a lawn chair, because we might be here for a while...

Episode livestream and interview with Andrea Libman

How does this sound? A livestream of this week's MLP episode, AND an interview with Andrea Libman, the voice actor of both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Well BronyState and Celestia Radio are teaming up to bring this to you this Saturday. |Ready for more fun HUH? HUH? HUH? then head below the break now. If thats okay with you...|

Megathread: Fluffy Pony?

I can relate right now...

It's a stressful time this week for those who have finals... At times like these, I wish I had a fluffy pony by my side as a way to say "Hey... You can do this, FPLOON! Just believe in the me that believes in you!"

So, in the comments below, share what type of pony you wish you had that would helps you through any stressful times in your life. If you have one already (in some way), share it in the comments anyway...

Fanfic : Certain Advantages


It's Sisterhooves Social time again. This year, Dash catches wind of two new competitors and gets Spike to bet on the race. When her team is revealed to be a rather famous set of siblings, it looks like poor Spike will be her slave for a week! However, due to a team of masseurs, a minor invasion, unfortunate addictions, and dubious barrel components, victory might not be as near as she thinks...

Certain Advantages by The Descendant

PMV: School / Pinkie's Global Warming / Rise And Fall

And then Swatteam died... and he loved it.

A PMV of Ayreon - School, some Pinkie Pie- wait what!?, and a PMV of Adventure Club & Krewella - Rise & Fall! MYAAAAH!

1.) PMV - School
2.) PMV - Pinkie's Global Warming
3.) MLP FIM / Rise And Fall PMV

Mixed media : SFM Killer Queen / Trixie Couldn't Afford the Rights / The Zoomark Crusaders / joey bonzo / meh / UFP 14: Little Miss Montage

Have a bunch of clever/funny vids that didn't quite make the cut for their own post. We got a SFM musical, Trixie and youtube, Twi and Cristmas, a CMC one I don't quite understand, meh, and an abridged series I feel doesn't get enough attention. Watch them all after the break!

Music: Raise The Sun / Nightmare in Ponyville / Fourth Wall

And then AJ's head was an orange. Too much awesome music does that.

A song for The Solar Empire (Wait, not NLR!?), some calming instrumental music, and a rap that speaks to our very souls...

1.) Raise The Sun (Original by Forest Rain)
2.) Nightmare in Ponyville
3.) Koroshi-Ya - Fourth Wall

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #83


I would too if I had to go into that monster's mind Luna. One shudders to imagine what inpony thoughts lie behind those eyes, what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty...

Derpvision goggles. Now available in the Steam store.

My Little Pony RPG: The Elements of Harmony

Another very awesome pony RPG games has arisen. I haven't had the chance to play it, but according to all the reviews, this is a game to remember. With  20-25 hours of advertised gameplay, this game won't leave you hanging anytime soon. The game was available for download, but all the bandwidth was used on Mediafire, so that option is not available right now. You can try here, or wait until another solution is found here, such as a torrent. Go past the break for some info about the game.

Comics: A Wise Advice/ Evrery Single Tear/ Anti Scootabuse Comic / Midnight Diary Call / Filly Fans

These morning comics got da feels, man... DA FEELS... except for the last three, which gave me da chuckles...

Comics after you click on the "read more" phrase...

Super Ponybeat — Babs Seed (Reconciled Mix)

Man, this morning is full of awesome music. OdysseyEurobeat has just made an awesome Babs Seed remix.
You may be thinking to yourself, "I've already heard a 100 Babs Seed remixes. Believe me when I say, "This one is different. Definitely give it a listen to after the break!

Silva Hound - Hooves Up High (The Living Tombstone's Remix) feat. EileMonty

DAMMIT, Tombstone! I was about to dream of Luna as Freddy, and you release this awesome remix of Silva Hound's Hooves Up High with vocals from EileMonty... You win this time, Tomb... (You too, insomnia...)

Now, for the rest of you, check out the awesomeness here or after the break, ya'll!!

"Epilepsy Warning: Certain parts in this video may not be recommended for people with photosensitive epilepsy"